Saturday, January 30, 2010

College Days

So nice was that life,
So nice were those days;
The most boring of all
Were the Aprils and Mays.

All the feelings and crushes
For the thousand people we had,
On getting just a glimpse of that someone
We used to go mad.

Those lies we said to our parents
To go for picnics and outings;
Those promises we made to them,
“From tomorrow, promise, I’ll start studying”.

The last-minute studying,
The late overnights;
Spending more time making chits
Instead of learning the answers right.

Hours and hours of chatting
About nothing but cool guys;
Oh! He looks hot,
Oh! His smile is nice.

So beautiful were those days
Of cheerfulness bliss;
Those were the good old days
Which I’ll always miss.

I still cherish those times,
When we painted the town red;
We acted as if we’d achieved everything,
As if there was nothing we never had.

It feels really bad to know
That those days would never come back;
All those happy moments we’d lived,
These are the thing which I, now, lack.

Always remember one thing
Live with no regrets.
Always take up as a challenge
Whatever problems life gets.

This was the main thing
I learned in those days;
I’ll miss them wholeheartedly,
Which I call my “college days”.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mr. Cutie and Mr. Hottie

I’m 17 and I just can’t believe that I don’t have a single crush! I mean, come on! I spend majority of my time in Churchgate where I’m constantly surrounded my hot, sexy guys. A crush in this situation is just passé. But no! I have to start showing attitude and act egoistical in front of every fuckin guy!!! Yeah, people think I’m just acting oversmart and that this is my way of seeking guys’ attention and all that shit. U wish. I wish that too, actually. Because atleast that will mean that I’m INTERESTED.

U know, I’d started doubting my preferences but when I realized that I still liked guy celebs (like Ashton Kutcher, Jim Sturgess, Abhay deol, VJ Niel, etc), I breathed a great sigh of relief. Phew! Not everything’s lost. So I started looking at guys, like, really looking. But all I saw was a big pretentious baboon.

Enter Mr. Cutie.
Oh! This is the guy. This is the guy I’ve been looking for. Cute, funny and smart. I felt relieved at finally acting normal.
But, he had to call me SISTER the very first time we talked. SISTER!!!
There went my cute guy. I felt like kicking him in his gut. Hard.
Why the bloody hell did he have to speak? Why couldn’t he just shut his mouth and let me dream about being with him happily? Why did he have to CALL ME SISTER?
And so ended my week-long crush on the ridiculously stupid and snotty and bighead and idiot and swiny cutie.

Enter Mr. Hottie.
Ok. He seems good. And he’s hot. And he didn’t call me sister. And he also sent me a FB friend request. Yay! He’s so my right guy. The guy I’ve been looking for. My Mr. perfect. Tall, fair and stunningly handsome.

But he fags! He FAGS! And he doesn’t know any other word except for LOL or hehehe or hahhaa or hihhihiii… Ok, dude. I got it. U can laugh. But please!!! When I imagined you with me, you were talking, like, using sensible, English words! And why the fuckin hell did you have to fag, and expertly too.
And thus ended my even shorter crush on this hot smoker.
Atleast he didn’t call me sister!

So how am I supposed to fall in love when I’m surrounded by people like this?

I was right. Pretentious, swiny, snotty, idiotic baboon.
And they say I am abnormal.:(

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indian Suicide Hostel

It was afternoon and I was in no mood to reach home early or roam out in d sun. It was also the first day of KCBMM fest – Blitzkrieg. So I thought I’d attend theatre. I just saw one play – ISH (Indian Suicide Hostel). It was based on suicides, just as the name suggests.

The play consisted of a matron who takes care of the hostel and checks whether rules are being followed or not (yes, ISH has rules!). Then there were these 5 people who had committed suicide for totally predictable and stupid reasons – dumped by fiancé, failed exams, Mom & dad gone... Hence, feeling lonely, Blah-dee-blah. Then there was this madman (coz I don’t really know what his role was and also because he always kept laughing, giggling stupidly more like) whose speech was so poor that I couldn’t grasp even a single word he said. All he did was laugh at people who committed suicide. Then there was this to-be-entrant who was just about to commit suicide coz he found his girlfriend was three-timing him (dude, don’t you have anything better to do instead was wasting your life on the whore who wouldn’t care less even if you jumped of a 50-storeyed skyscraper).

He seemed to have realized the same thing coz then he decided against committing suicide. (Good for you, pal!). And in the end everyone sang “give me some sunshine” in a voice which in itself is suicidal! The end.

Moral: suicide is a cowardly act. It’s for losers. Life tests you through the difficulties it brings in front of you. The real winners are those who face life and its difficulties with strength, grace and dignity.

I totally agree.
Not with the first part though.
I think that even entertaining the thoughts of committing suicide need guts of a completely different and high level. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But that doesn’t justify what you’re doing. You’re still wrong but you should still get your credits.

You’re wrong because it’s your life. Not your boyfriend’s or fiancé’s or parents’ or examiners’. They don’t rule you and they do not have the right to decide your fate.

So next time suicide comes to meet you, greet it with grace and say “Not today buddy. I Have a feeling my life’s gonna change for good.” And it is. Because you have already faced the worst and life just can’t get any worse. It will only get better. Coz you have won the fight with the biggest challenge ever – death. Seeing that you’ve won against death, other challenges will be nothing but a piece of cake.~_~

Monday, January 25, 2010

Changing times (or changing me)!

I remember my English teacher lecturing us about change when I was in class 10th. How each and every one of us can bring change in this world if we have the will and determination.

Codswallop! My friends used to say. How is a 14 year old school supposed to change the world? This woman is losing it, I tell you.

But I felt otherwise. I was totally impressed by the idea. I believed her. And I wanted to put my belief into action. I wanted to bring change.

3 months later.....

Excitement coursed through me as I sat there staring at my Orkut profile. I felt like I was a part of the “in crowd”. I felt cool.

I started chatting with my friends. All they used in the chat was words like sup, STFU, LOL, kkkk…ASAP, ASL, d, etc. etc. etc.
I felt stupid. Not for myself but for others.

Firstly, they had ruined ‘English language’ and modified it in such a way that it was now unrecognizable and secondly, most of the people’s English was already bad and top it up with this new not-so-cool chat lingo…one word- DISASTER!!!

And then it occurred to me. I wanted to bring change and this was my chance. Excitement!!!! I started chatting again and insisted myself on using proper English and also insisted the opposite person to do so.

The result: My replies were so delayed and uncool due to my very poor typing speed and my new “change theory” that no one would risk coming online when I did. (Yeah, I couldn’t care less). I continued with my plan

3 years later (now, i.e.,)......

me texting: hey, sup? U free 2nite? Lets grab sum dinr..wat say? Lemme knw asap..gotta let oders knw 2…:)

So, in the end…. SUCCESS!!!!!
Change has happened.
Yeah, I know it’s me who has changed but still….
Change has happened.
Mission accomplished.*_*

Sunday, January 24, 2010


One is a loner…relishes solitude….is so much in love with isolation that goes for shopping and movies all alone… who wears her heart on her sleeve and pours her deepest emotions out to every person who shows the slightest bit of interest in her oh-so-boring life…has put on a few(or maybe not so few) extra kilos in a very short span as a result of being a complete foodie and being exposed to a whole new world of yummy treats just outside her college which was, until recently, her heavenly abode… hates Indian food like anything…is a sucker for sad, romantic songs and books…is very anti-social and her mood-swings are detested by each and every person who knows her….who gets scared of even an almost invisible insect….is a good mimic….and who cannot show attitude to save her life…

….while the other is a dark beauty (she’s far from accepting it..), attitude sits on her nose, loathes romantic numbers…moody, though not much…loves desi food…who is very secretive about her feelings, except when she’s angry…is a very outgoing, fun-loving person who, if kept locked in room all alone for even half an hour, will go insane…who is always searching for adventure…who will give even a total stranger the time of their life if they spent an hour with her….has great fashion sense….who wants to fulfill her (absurd and next to impossible) dreams and which she will for she is a strong believer of destiny….who doesn’t understand philosophy and would probably go to sleep if someone tries to explain it to her…is a great painter… and has got a fetish for watches (latest obsession being to be a proud owner of a Longines watch)….

What do they have in common??
Favorite Actress - Aishwariya Rai (fullstop).

So what happens when these two meet?

One learns to live and the other learns to…..mmm….well….maybe show a bit less attitude…

One learns to be a little reckless and fun while the other…well ….mmmm…..anyways, moving on….

One learns that by being serious and emotional, we gain nothing and lose everything and the other……mmmm….well, she’s an Arian - born to lead and teach not follow and learn, so you get the gist, right?

Both of them have a blast, enjoy to the fullest, gossip, laugh, fight, cry (only the first one cries), discover their new selves and each other, bitch and crib about everything unworthy, remove the word ‘tension’ from their dictionary and continue having the “times of their lives”.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just Smile...

Smile when you’re happy,
Smile when you’re sad,
Smile when you’re feeling low,
Smile even when things turn bad.

Don’t give up just smile,
When things start going wrong,
And your bad times will pass away,
Just like a happy song.

Smile when you’ve lost someone
Who was dearest to your heart.
Remember that life doesn’t stop here
Smile, coz it may be a new start.

Just forget all the pains and worries for once
And think of the joyous days you’ve had.
Just remember to keep smiling always
Coz life is, indeed, not so bad.

Smile, coz it’s the only way
To face problems without fears.
Smile, coz you have to prove to everyone
That there exists no such thing as tears.

Love Will Happen

I’m no angel, no beauty goddess, I don’t make heads turn when I pass by. But I am a girl, a girl who -like everyone else- craves love …. carefree, selfless, lasting love.

And I don’t ask for a dude, stud or a replica of a Greek God, NO! I ask for a man who’ll love me for who I am, who’ll see the real me(no pretences), who’ll find perfection in my flaws, who’ll be by my side forever, come what may, who’ll just say…

“You’re not a dream,
You’re not an angel,
You’re a woman.
I’m not a king,
I’m a man,
Take my hand.”

And then I’ll go to him and love him like he’s never been loved before. But until then I’ll be waiting coz I know he’s there somewhere and coz I believe in happy endings, atleast in MY HAPPY ENDING….-_-……

Friday, January 22, 2010


I was in 7th and a super fan of cartoons … well, I still am anyways…..

That was the period well known as the “K-SERIAL” era and anyone who didn’t see them were considered uncool. Discussing about what happened in the serial became the favorite pastime and watching the repeat telecasts of each soap more than twice was considered the norm.

It was Friday afternoon and I was glued to my TV screen with such concentration, you’d say I had to give a paper on it next day. All my other friends had school and wouldn’t come back and call me for the next 3 hours. An added bonus! My favorite cartoon was playing-CATDOG, which was to be followed by RUGRATS and then SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.
Ah, bliss!

But I should have known better. My very best friend (who was a die-hard K-SERIAL fan, I daresay) had to get the rest of the day off from school that very day and had to burst into my house (without knocking once) and catch me laughing uncontrollably at a joke from CATDOG.

As soon as I saw her I changed the channel to the safe STARPLUS, but too late, the damage was done.

She stood there as still as she’s been carved out of stone (for how long, I don’t know). After what felt like an eternity, she asked, “You didn’t. Tell me you didn’t. Please, please, please tell me that it’s not true, that you didn’t” (DRAMAQUEEN!!!)
“Well….” I shrugged.
“NO”, she groaned.

I stood there thinking what next?
Just then “Well, we can’t do anything about it can we? Just do me a favor ok. Please keep this a secret and save me the embarrassment, alright?” she said as if watching cartoons is the most repulsive thing one can do.
I snorted (in my mind, ofcourse. I didn’t want to be kicked out of my gang of blinded-by-drama BFFs now, did I?).
It has been 3yrs now and I haven’t even caught so much as a glimpse of her.

We bump into each other the other day, talk for hours about those times and laugh, laugh until our throats hurt and others look at us and debate whether to call the asylum or not.

We look at those peoples’ expressions and laughter escapes us again.
But this time it’s different. This time we laugh because we miss and plan to relive those times, the drama, the silly fights, the “I’m the elder one so I’ll have a go at the swing first”, the Christmas parties we organized for 20 bucks each person, the pokemon tazos we exchanged, the GOOD OL’ DAYZZZ…^_^

Thursday, January 21, 2010



Irrevocable and inevitable.

It is the most important part of the learning process,people say.


But what if these mistakes are the reason you can't even look your friends and family in the eye?
What if mistakes are the reason you lose a whole future you've been dreaming of since forever?
What if there's no one you can come home and pour your heart out to due to the result of someone else's mistakes?

ans: you feel sick, lonely and neglected and end up committing more mistakes.

But now, you've crossed the line...there's no going back.

just when a few years ago you felt like an angel with a halo resting on your head,u feel some new additions now-black color and evil horns.

You hate it. You apologise. You beg for them to have you back.
Their heart melts. They forgive.

but there's always that look in their eyes. The trust is lost. Nw all that's left are repercussions followed by regret.
And you can't change that. NO!
You just learn to live with it and if possible,try as much as you can to forget it.
But THEY don't let you....

So, it just leads to MISTAKES!! :(