Sunday, January 24, 2010


One is a loner…relishes solitude….is so much in love with isolation that goes for shopping and movies all alone… who wears her heart on her sleeve and pours her deepest emotions out to every person who shows the slightest bit of interest in her oh-so-boring life…has put on a few(or maybe not so few) extra kilos in a very short span as a result of being a complete foodie and being exposed to a whole new world of yummy treats just outside her college which was, until recently, her heavenly abode… hates Indian food like anything…is a sucker for sad, romantic songs and books…is very anti-social and her mood-swings are detested by each and every person who knows her….who gets scared of even an almost invisible insect….is a good mimic….and who cannot show attitude to save her life…

….while the other is a dark beauty (she’s far from accepting it..), attitude sits on her nose, loathes romantic numbers…moody, though not much…loves desi food…who is very secretive about her feelings, except when she’s angry…is a very outgoing, fun-loving person who, if kept locked in room all alone for even half an hour, will go insane…who is always searching for adventure…who will give even a total stranger the time of their life if they spent an hour with her….has great fashion sense….who wants to fulfill her (absurd and next to impossible) dreams and which she will for she is a strong believer of destiny….who doesn’t understand philosophy and would probably go to sleep if someone tries to explain it to her…is a great painter… and has got a fetish for watches (latest obsession being to be a proud owner of a Longines watch)….

What do they have in common??
Favorite Actress - Aishwariya Rai (fullstop).

So what happens when these two meet?

One learns to live and the other learns to…..mmm….well….maybe show a bit less attitude…

One learns to be a little reckless and fun while the other…well ….mmmm…..anyways, moving on….

One learns that by being serious and emotional, we gain nothing and lose everything and the other……mmmm….well, she’s an Arian - born to lead and teach not follow and learn, so you get the gist, right?

Both of them have a blast, enjoy to the fullest, gossip, laugh, fight, cry (only the first one cries), discover their new selves and each other, bitch and crib about everything unworthy, remove the word ‘tension’ from their dictionary and continue having the “times of their lives”.

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