Sunday, June 27, 2010

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Current playlist:

Nick Jonas - Vesper's Goodbye

listen to the last verse!

Green Day - 21 Guns

Coz my playlist is never complete without a greenday song in it!
And also coz the couple in the video is awesome!
And coz of the lyrics!
And coz I'm totally smitten by Billie Joey Armstrong.

Puddle Of Mudd - She fucking hates me

No reason. just listen and enjoy!

Juno soundtrack (by Barry Louis Polisar) - All I want is you

so so cute! 

Hum dil de chuke sanam - Jhoka hawa ka aaj bhi

The only song in the playlist that made me cry the very first time I heard it! I know I'm atleast a decade too late. But hey, better late than never!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

25% of me!

I was tagged on someone's blog for the very first time in my life....feels so special, I can't express...just seeing your name and your creation etched there in the normal black ink...people who read this wouldn't even look twice...'oh, whatever, she's a blogger...she writes...big deal!' is what they'll say...but to me? It means so so much...getting appreciation for your creativity...feels ecstatic...I remember when I had got my very first blog follower...out of nowhere...I hadn't even followed any other blog at that time, I guess...he just came outta nowhere and read my stuff and liked it... blissful I felt...n now, this.

Thankyou, Molly...

Okk...moving on to the 25 things I do....hmmm....

This is a chain-game....I've been passed it to me by Molly...I just gotta write some random 25 things about me...and then tag 10 ppl....those whom I tag have to then write 25things about them and so on...

So here goes,

1. I'm Jitika Jain. Unwillingly studying BBI, of which I don't understand a single word, albeit. My interest was BMM...but owing to the super bad percentage I got in 12th standard( thanks to books, facebook, movies and  friends) I had to resort to this. The reason being that I refused to get a BMM degree from a "chindi" college, as I put it back very bad decision in the list of many.

2. I'm a sucker for romantic novels and movies and I cry in almost every scene/chapter. But when it comes to real life, I totally laugh and run away from unruly outbursts of human emotions. I suck at consoling people and emotional people make me nervous.

3. I'm Miss. Philosophy, as tagged by my very recent friend. I can turn even the most funniest of blabber into a lecture of philosophy...I have to find something deep in everything....EVERYTHING.

4. I hate and I'm totally scared of maths. My cousin teaches me maths one night before the exams and I just scrape passing marks in them. ALWAYS.

5. Right now, I'm in love with "vesper's goodbye" by Nick love with the lyrics.

6. I don't know how to ride a bicycle.

7. I'm a total sucker for Harry Potter books. I've read them 8 times. But I hate the movies.

8. I'm a spendaholic.

9. I love reading...not the high-fundoo heavily philosophical stuff...I had once tried reading a book about a girl suffering from 16 different split personalities, don't remember the name, and I got so caught up in the book, it actually gave me nightmares and I was totally NOT ME for the next friends had to confiscate that book only after I had read half of it...they were totally scared for me!

10. When my dad tells me not to do something, I go right ahead and do it. sometimes he brings out the rebelious nature in me.

11. I love clicking snaps of myself. People call me self obsessed, but they fail to notice that I only look good in why not relish in the Kodak moments instead of being all miserable about how I actually look?

12. I am a great, great believer of fate. And as clich├ęd as it may seem, but I believe that everything happens for a reason and that God might have a bigger plan for us and our life.

13. I hate cigarettes. the smoke coming out of them give me severe a headache and personally, I don't think that anyone could find a more brutal way of suicide than by fagging.

14. I get mood swings on an hourly basis. One minute I'm happy and gay enjoying with friends and the next moment, I'm yelling my head off for people to leave me alone and let me sulk and whine.

15. I think Justin Beiber is gay. Any guy who wears straight fit denims actually. Please leave those kinda jeans for girls, dude! We don't wanna see you accentuate your balls. I know you've got them. Please keep it with yourself.

16. I hate gooey, love talks. Get straight to the point fellas. I love too...sweet and simple. why do you have to say big essays about all this. It just plain sucks! And also makes me laugh.

17. My favorite color is black (mysterious and dark) and white(calm, serene and peaceful).

18. The only thing I'm dedicated to is "writing". A big full-stop after this.

19. I still miss R. As much as I go around like I don't care, I still haven't removed his pic from my contact image and have stored all his messages (even the super boring ones) and still stare at his contact no. I thought it will pass away...this depressing feeling. But it just gets stronger and leaves me even more miserable than ever before. The good thing? I've learnt to hide my feelings from most of the people.

20. I want to move to the US. I know that won't happen, EVER. But still, one can always dream, right?

21. I hate rains. I want to start loving them. I also want to start loving children and all other things I hate. I want to get rid of misanthropy. I want to be a normal teenager.

22. I'm a full-time Facebook stalker and I have become even more efficient in this skill in the past few weeks.

23. I can't live without music. No one can, right?

24. I go around adding Paulo Coelho in my list of favorite authors; the truth is I don't understand him one bit. his only books I've ever understood are Veronica decides to die, Eleven minutes and The devil and Miss Prym, though I've read most of his books. I've secretly read The Princess Diaries series last month.

25. I want to earn loads and loads of money and get a house of my own where I'd live ALONE. Yes, I'm being totally specific here. And someday, I want to adopt a child. My only child.

So that's 25% of me laid down in front of you to either love, hate, analyse, criticise, judge, laugh at or whatever else you feel like. I've shared my truest side with you and I've never felt more light.

Ok, the people I tag are :
Life was still good without you guys. You only made it better :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I love you

There are some people who are closest to your heart...U might not got to them and express your love to them all the fight with them like savaged irritate the hell out of get on their nerves...but deep down somewhere, you know that you love them, with all your heart...and no one can change that fact...your love for them is irreplaceable...I'm blessed to have one such person in my life...


My brother....H
nickname: Rajnikant...Yanna rascala, mind it!



everything's so much better and funnier and peaceful and happy when he's around...

I once remember I was crying and he came up to me and asked whether I needed water...he was 6 yrs old then...I couldn't help smiling at him even when I was in so much pain....
He means my life to me!

I know he'll be there with me in every dance of life!
My brother. My life. 
I love you, bro.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two friends and a hell lotta rains

How I wish I could have the power to reverse my life just once!
How I wonder how different my life would have turned out if I hadn't done that stupid thing...
I look at him now as we wait for the bus stop for the same bus to come and somehow I know we're heading towards the same place.

"I shouldn't have said that...I really...I, I'm sorry"
"How I wish your sorry could change things and make him come back....but well, things don't work that way now, do they?"
If there were anyway i could set things right again..."
Yes, there is a way...leave me alone, please!"

Raindrops are falling in a synchronized rhythm from his hair. His face is stoic but I can just see that familiar trace of anger and irritation behind it. He hated rains. That's the very thing that ha connected us in the first place.

"Shit shit papers...oh God! What do I do now?"
"Oh crap! My do I go to meet her like this?"
We were both talking to ourselves but yet loudly enough for everyone to hear.
"I hate these rains"
"I hate these rains"
We said in unison.
We looked at each other and then grimaced. It's kinda hard to smile when all you wanted to do is shout and bang your head on the wall and whine.
"I've got a plastic bag, if you want one" he said looking at my folder.
"Thanks...but the damage is already done" I showed him my papers and shrugged.
He managed a smile at that.
"Your girlfriend waiting for you?" I asked.
He grimaced again.
"I'm already half an hour late. She's the punctual types you know."
"Hehe...all the best!"
Just then, his phone rang.
"Hi" he spoke into the phone.
"Um no...its gonna take some time...I'm stuck here somewhere...(grimace again), I...(a trace of anger)...and you're saying it now?...I'm already there...yeah, that's what I meant...(relief)...fine, fine...well, call me when you get back...ok bye, take care...yeah bye.
"Phew!...we're not meeting after all. Thank you rains!" At first I thought he was talking to himself but I was proved wrong when he turned to face me and said "where are you going?" when I had started to move again after stuffing my folder in the plastic bag that he had offered.
" see the rains?"
"'ll just drown if you go right now. Let it calm down a little."
"You know what? I think you're right."
"Lets go sit somewhere. You know some place here? I'm new to this area."
"Yeah, there's a Barista just at the end of the lane."
"Cool...let's go."
I stared at him for a moment. We barely knew each other for two minutes and he just asked me to have coffee with him!
Correction : he didn't ask, he ordered!
I wondered if this was the new way guys use to flirt with girl these days and so, getting a little peeved, I said, "Um no...I think I'll wait here for the rain to slow down. I'm already late."
He just shrugged in a 'whatever' sorta way, said "alright...well, bye then...I'm starving" and stalked away.
I stood there in shock and stared after his fading profile. He wasn't flirting after all.
And the rains don't seem in the mood to calm down either. Oh boy...
"God! It sure is pouring cats and dogs outside" I said casually as I seated myself opposite him in Barista ten minutes later.
"Hey" he said through his overstuffed mouth.
"So you weren't kidding about being hungry, eh?" I asked him, feeling nauseated seeing him murder his croissant.
"Y woo I laa?" was all he managed to say.
"Don't bother" I laughed. "Just eat". Another ten minutes later, I too was stuffing ample amount of croissants into my mouth.
We sorta connected right then.

He didn't notice me yet. Maybe if I just slipped past him silently, he wouldn't notice me. I've even put on a windcheater. He wouldn't even know it's me.
I turned to move but damn! just then, he noticed me. And even worse? I noticed him noticing me. So i couldn't even walk by like i hadn't seen him at all. That'll seem rude. We were once best friends after all.
I smiled at him. I guess it didn't come out right coz he came towards me and said "Rains, eh?"
I didn't know what to say so I just stared at my shoes.
"So...bus hasn't come yet huh?"
I rolled my eyes. "Can't you see?" I couldn't help smiling.
He smiled too. And then became serious. "I can understand if you don't wanna talk to me now. I'd deserve it." And he meant it. That made me even sadder. How can I ever have said all those cruel words to him when all he ever wanted was to see me happy? I looked at him and realized what i was wishing for when I saw him standing here, at the bus stop. I wanted time reversal. Well, I wasn't gonna get that but life was presenting me with one more chance. A chance to right the wrong. A chance to learn from my mistakes. I grabbed it.
"You know, there's a CCD just on the other side of the bridge?"
"I'm starving" he was playing along.
"Another rainy day" I faked a grimace.
"I'm in no hurry" he mocked.
"Me neither" I smiled.

As much as I hate rains, I thought, there sure is something magical about them!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life sucks and then you die...Yeah, I should be that lucky!

I’ve become very lazy when it comes to writing these days. I open MsWord and stare at it for hours as if waiting for it to start typing a story itself. It's not like I don't have anything to write about these days. My imagination runs just as wild as it ever did! In fact it has started running even wilder now that I’ve joined the gym.

Yeah me…. joined the gym. Pretty shocking, innit? (For all those who don’t find a reason to get shocked, visit this).You know I’ve been contemplating for a while and I finally reached a conclusion that if I want wear shorts and one pieces and halters and stuff, I’ll have to sacrifice my much adored body. LOL. No actually. My parents are super hyper and they won’t let me breathe in peace until they see me working on my body. Even if this stupidity is not doing me any good but making me yell in pain and shattering my body in a thousand small pieces. They actually had a bliss-attack when I announced that I had lost 1.5 kgs in 15 days. But instead of cooling off a bit on me and letting me rest for some time, they’ve become even more hyper and excited and are making me gym even more rigorously than ever before. I spend 2 hours gymming. Swimming once a week. Also an hour a day on yoga (my choice). That *om* thingy really soothes off my angered brain and during *shavasan*, I fall asleep, albeit, until the trainer realizes that I’m not concentrating but enjoying sweet, delicious sleep and yells her head off for not having my heart and soul in it. Oh bite me! Ok, I understand that I’ve been dozing away for a whole week now and always giggle when she teaches new aasanas (trust me, when she taught me that *lionwalla* aasana, it actually took me at least ½ an hour to stop laughing and concentrating. After that, she showed me that aasana again and giggles escaped me in spite of myself). She totally dissed me that day and also complained my mum about it. I actually had second thoughts about my choice after that. Whoever knew there was more to yoga than just some fucking inhaling and exhaling?

Top up all of this with the amount of tuitions I’m taking this year. I agree that I just took that up because I was totally smitten by the fees I was gonna receive (my allowance is not that good considering my extravagant tastes. I gotta do something to balance that out right? I’m a responsible adult after all :P). But now, it’s not even 1 week into tuitions and I’m already internally cursing myself for subjecting myself to this brutality for a whole year!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN WHO DOESN’T KNOW WHAT 2+2 MEANS? OR WHAT COMES AFTER AND BEFORE 50 OR WHAT TIME IT IS RIGHT NOW??????????? I don’t think I was that dumb when I was in first grade. Ok, maybe I was. But I’m dead sure I didn’t just start crying when my teacher gave me that murderous glare that I give my students when they get some stupid *Jack and Jill* types poems wrong.

I HATE KIDS. I always have. Even when my younger brother was born, I only used to play with him when he was in a cheery mood. And I’d go as far away from him as soon as I would realize that some kinda outburst or tantrum is on its way. And that’s just because he was my brother. Don’t even get me started on other kids. The way you’re supposed to go “oh sweetie…cutiepie…she looks so cute….his eyes are so nice” when all you can see is a big fat face on top of an even bigger body, which – if you even dare to point out – is because he/she is so happy and healthy and is receiving so much love from her parents and all the relatives. And when they ask you whether you wanna hold that child (of course I don’t wanna hold your stupid overfed child. Don’t you fucking see that I’ve put on a new dress? You know I’d rather use it for some better purpose than to serve it as your child’s next potty, thank you very much!) and you have to diplomatic and say “why not” and then cuddle the child and call it with sweet names when all that’s going in your mind is “oh please don’t do it on my new dress. It’s cost me a fortune. Not on this, God please!!!!!!!!!!!” yeah, children are so freaking lovely. God’s heaven sent angels and all. NOT.

And the biggest of the hurdles to my otherwise problem-free, exercise-free, facebook-filled, blog-writing days (which I had all vacations) is the STUPID 7o’CLOCK LECTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me? Wake up at 5 in the morning? You gotta be kidding me. That’s what my sister said when I sadly announced my daily timetable for the next 2 years. Goodbye sleep! *tears*

I put five different alarms at 5 minute intervals of each other which are very annoying to everyone but me. I can’t hear any of them. The Khumbakaran that I am! But thanks to my super loud alarms, everyone else in the house gets up and starts shouting at me for ruining their precious sleep. Hello, I’m the one who is sacrificing me sleep for those no-good-at-all lectures. Everyone anyways just doze in classes irrespective of whether the teacher is teaching or not. So, after a lot of shouting, some nudging and then finally, the bed-shower, courtesy my dad, I finally get up. I surrender my sleep for lectures, do not waste time applying make up for the fear of getting late, almost every day forget to take my earphones along (which is the worst thing if you realise you're gonna have to face 4 hours of non-stop droning in the form of lectures) …. So many sacrifices on my part and the professor – instead of acknowledging all this and welcoming me with a round of applause – asks me to leave her class immediately just because I WAS 5 M INUTES LATE! And that was not my fault at all, mind you. The elevator was full, so I had to wait for it to make its round and come back.

Then there’s also the tempting scent of Chinese and frankies and pavbhajis and coffees coming from H.R. besides our college which I have to ignore (my restraint is now 75% better). Then there is this dejection and surliness –  
  • firstly because I don’t have any crushes to look forward to (read this)
  •  and secondly because of these RAINS.

The one thing I hate more than children is rains. The wetness, your hair become all clammy and rough, you umbrellas are torn apart, you look hideous in a windcheater, your denims get all muddy, you can’t even see properly, you still have to attend lectures (teachers have no sensitivity at all), you can’t carry your favourite *jhola* because all the books will get wet, not that I carry any, but still. No, don’t get me wrong. I don’t toally hate rains. I love them when I’m at *Nariman point* or *Worli seaface*. But that’s it. That’s the only time I love them. Rest of the time, I even run outta curses to throw at them.

The only good thing that makes me survive the whole day is that in the end I know I have a super comfy bed awaiting me, my dizzy head and my awfully cramped body. I know it’s waiting to swallow my surliness whole and make me live the way I want to….in my dreams! Even if it’s for a very less time and leaves me even more tired and peeved in the morning, atleast I have something to look forward to that’ll go my way!

Really, if this is the way life’s gonna be from now, I want my refund! Coz this is so not the life I ordered!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A New Ray of Hope :)

I waited for 45 minutes for him to come. My cell's battery was empty and I don't remember his no., so it was impossible for me to contact him. I craned my neck to the left, then right, then straight, back, left again every 3 seconds. It felt like I had some spring attached inside my neck. My excited anticipation was getting fainter by the minute and thoughts of R were coming back with rapidity and making me realize what a huge mistake I was going to commit. AGAIN - - - Have i trusted the wrong person again? Is he some kind of rebound? Not in the literal sense. But you know, a rebound in a friend sort of way. Am i never going to get a replacement for R. Am i always going to be trapped up in those memories and let myself be washed over with despair and lose all hope of ever recovering again? Is P never going to come? am I a fool to let a flame of hope light up inside me again? Should I leave? Or should I wait here forever? Just like I waited for R...who never came back! Is history repeating itself? Claustrophobia entered my system. Creepy, clammy and nostalgic - I was being choked by it right there; no one even realized that I was having an attack. A claustrophobia attack. I felt just like Rose felt in Titanic - like i was standing in a room full of people shouting me head off but no one was listening - I've never felt so alone. Not even when R left. I had to leave. I got up......and there he was, totally sweaty, apology in his eyes. I had to still decide, I realized. and I had an epiphany, that very second when the thought of *deciding* crossed my mind. I looked at P, a 1000 watts smile on my face and I hugged him. I had decided. The flame of hope which was flickering in the past 45 minutes now shone like the sun and warmed my heart with its awesomely positive rays. 
I guess i just fell in love. Not the same way. But love it was. I'll leave the rest to hope. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One dark night...

“Aaaaahhhhhh” I yelled at Shailly “run”.

She didn’t need the warning. We dashed outta the house in a jiff and kept running until our eyes could scan some human existence in that place. Finally after much panting and sweating, we sat on a two-seater swing and looked at each other in horror. It was the scariest and the weirdest thing to happen to me EVER. And Shailly is one of the most not-scared (sorry couldn’t find another word) girl in the world. If she can get scared in a situation like this, I most certainly can. And I get scared of even an almost invisible fly. Go figure!

We waited with anticipation for Shikha, Poonam and Sejal to return so that the chill and horror running down our spine could warm up and our superfast heartbeats could return to normal. Every two seconds we would scan the garden for some sign of some supernatural power or some lady in white sari with a candle in her hand or some kinda ghost. Finally – thank god – the girls came. So did those guys who were creating a ruckus outside our room just before all the weird stuff started happening. We ran towards the girls as if they were some kinda life support or something. Shikha looked at our faces – Shailly’s face looked like it had frozen in the act of screaming and mine was tear-stained. She looked alarmed. They ushered us into our room (which was very hard considering how we kept shouting “no, not in there” into their ears) and made us to have some water and asked us what the matter was.

It took us almost 15 minutes to cool ourselves and narrate the story. It all started after Shailly and I came back from the sangeet function we were attending. We both had our periods and our stomachs were aching badly. Actually, I was done with them days ago but Shailly’s hormones are weird and her periods last for almost 20 days before they finally subside. I had made a lotta fun of her for that and she had just said, “you wouldn’t laugh if this would happen to you. I’d just keep my fingers crossed until the next time you get them, and then you can enjoy your next 20 days of this!” back then, I had just laughed at her peeved retort but what did I know that it would come true so horrifically? I did know actually. Shailly was famous in our group as a “Black tongue”. Whatever she says whenever she’s angry or peeved comes true. Like the time my fingernails had grown so big that they looked awesome and hers had just broken that afternoon and I was flaunting mine maddeningly at her and she got irritated and said that my fingernails would break the very next morning and THEY DID! And the just this evening when we were getting ready for the sangeet and I was admiring my newly purchased heels in the mirror for an hour until she got angry that I was causing everyone to get ready in front of the bathroom mirror which is so small, you can just see your face and asked me to excuse coz I had caused a jam in the bathroom. I had defended myself by saying “I need to see how they look. They need to match with my dress you see. How will I look if my heels are brown while my dress is blue?” and she had said “but your dress is brown too” through gritted teeth.” And I had said “so what!” and she said that if I don’t stop staring at myself in the mirror and let her get ready, I’m going to fall down in the sangeet coz of my heels; which totally happened! EMBARRASING! She had laughed herself hoarse when that happened. Luckily not many people had seen it except a group of oldies who I’m not sure can even see properly. But still! And also yesterday night when we were getting into the bus to go to Silvasa and Shailly had said “what would happen when we embarrass ourselves in front of these hotties?” and we did!!!! We were asked to change buses 5 TIMES until they were happy with where we were seated! So you see now how irritated I was when I was in Silvasa attending a wedding and I was supposed to be enjoying myself but all I have to do is suffer the never ceasing stomach ache coz Shailly had done some jiggery-pokery on me?

Shailly started narrating the story. “We just came in and started changing into our clothes and these guys (she pointed at the window towards the guys sitting on the swing outside our door in the garden) were shouting so much our heads were aching. Jitsy had gone in the bathroom to change and it seemed like she had fallen asleep. She was inside for almost half an hour –”

“I was trying to remove my makeup” I said defensively. No one listened to me and she continued “so Jitsy just comes out of the bathroom and suddenly the noises outside go dead! I mean everything goes super silent. I go to check out of the window and see that no one’s there in the garden, not a living soul.” Yeah, it felt so creepy that time. The sangeet was happening in the other end of the resort and everyone was there. Our end was totally deserted and it looked like an episode of Aahat just waiting to happen.

“So, Jitsy comes outta the bathroom in her bathrobe and says she has forgotten her lingerie in her suitcase and starts searching. I’m looking outta the window where these guys had disappeared and wondering where these guys have gone to in a sec when Jitsy says she’s not getting it –”

“I searched in my luggage but my lingerie bag was missing. My make up box was open and all the content was strewn across my suitcase. I searched everything thrice. Shailly searched her bag. We both searched all the other bags but it wasn’t there. And the funny thing was that no one’s money was gone. All our purses were where they were supposed to be. This scared me so much. But Shailly was like its no problem and she was like lets search in the bedroom. So we go into the bedroom and start searching. It’s 11.30 in the night, I’m having my fucking periods and I’m in dire need of lingerie which are missing, I’m in my bathrobe searching for them in the bedroom and suddenly we hear this creepy blood curling noise and – ”

“It was just wind beating against the window.” Shailly interrupts.
“It was still creepy.” I stated. “I sounded like the background music of some horror movie. You shouldn’t have opened the window.”
“But then the voice went away, didn’t it –”
“Yeah but –”
“Oh shut up you two and say what happened next.” said Shikha.

“Ok. So we were searching for the my lingerie and suddenly all the bottles fell of the side table.” I continued.

“And Jitsy screamed”. She rolled her eyes. But then, she got a little serious and added, “but it looked so scary, mind you. All’s still and silent and the bottles fall on their own accord. It scared me too. But unlike her (she pointed at me) I kept my cool.”

“Yeah. That was until the –”
“SHUT UP BICKERING AND CONTINUE!” shouted Shikha, Sejal and Poonam together.

“And then we were just examining the bottles when all of a sudden, behind us the curtain-rod broke. And the curtains were falling of it in slow motion.” said Shailly, scared. “And this time Jitsy actually shrieked and we ran outta that room and locked it from outside. She wore the same lingerie, put on her clothes in top speed and just when she was putting on her t-shirt, the bedroom door started shaking.”

“It was coz of the wind, stupids!” said Sejal.

“But it all looked so spooky then” Shailly defended us. “That’s when we lost it completely. We ran outta the house without even locking it and when we get out, we see that this place is totally deserted and it looks all the more haunted. And there’s trees and stuff all around.”

“We kept running for some time until we saw some elderly couple sitting on a chair in the garden. So we hurried towards them and settled on a swing just besides them.”I said, shivering. “We kept staring at the room from our seats which looked so ghostly with its lights on between hundreds of dark rooms. And we’re waiting for you’ll to come since half an hour and, and…well, that’s it.” I finished a little lamely.

“That’s it?” asked Poonam, looking disappointed as if the horror didn’t match up to her expectations. She exchanged looks with the other two and they started laughing. I looked at them with disgust. Here I was – lingerie-less and scared; and all they feel like doing is laugh? Shailly and I look at each other and back to my suitcase and then she says, “You’ll think its funny, don’t you? Then how do you rule out Jitsy’s make up box which is totally messy? You had packed it yourself, hadn’t you Shikha?

“Yeah, but it must’ve have blown due to the wind.”

“Yes, of course! How stupid of us. How could we not realize the wind entered Jitsy’s locked bag and blew everything inside it. So very STUPID.” Shailly said sarcastically.

“Listen. You guys are just blowing it outta proportion. Jitsy’s lingerie must be here somewhere. She must’ve misplaced it. Wait we’ll search” said Sejal. And off they went; searching every nook and cranny of the room (Shailly and I were so scared that we couldn’t even get out of the bed). Half an hour later they finally gave up and started discussing our story.

“The funny part is that the money is not gone. How can that be possible? I mean, even if someone has sneaked into the room, why didn’t they take the money?” asked Poonam.
We all just shrugged.

“Oh forget it.” said Shikha. “I’m goin to sleep."

“Me too.”
“Me too.”
Sejal and Poonam said in unison.

They got up to go into the bedroom and just then, the bedroom door began shaking, again!
Shikha, Sejal and Poonam, all screamed together and ran towards our bed and buried themselves beneath the blankets. Shailly and I had already hugged each other due to fear. All five of us were sitting there, staring at the shaking door with bated breath as if expecting a hand to reach out towards us through the door. Finally, everyone of us crammed ourselves on the same bed, not daring to even get up and change and gradually, one by one, each of us fell asleep there itself, on top of each other, representing some oddly distorted pyramid!

We got up next morning, all the last night’s horror lost in laughter over breakfast. We finally decided that my lingerie must’ve lost somehow and all the horror was just our imaginations running wild. We laughed at our own story for so long, our (my already paining) stomachs hurt.

But the next day, even though we had all discussed it to be imagination, none of us hovered around the bedroom door and we kept it shut until our stay was over. :D