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Current playlist:

Nick Jonas - Vesper's Goodbye

listen to the last verse!

Green Day - 21 Guns

Coz my playlist is never complete without a greenday song in it!
And also coz the couple in the video is awesome!
And coz of the lyrics!
And coz I'm totally smitten by Billie Joey Armstrong.

Puddle Of Mudd - She fucking hates me

Why? No reason. just listen and enjoy!
Juno soundtrack (by Barry Louis Polisar) - All I want is you

Why? so so cute! 
Hum dil de chuke sanam - Jhoka hawa ka aaj bhi

Why? The only song in the playlist that made me cry the very first time I heard it! I know I'm atleast a decade too late. But hey, better late than never!

25% of me!

I was tagged on someone's blog for the very first time in my life....feels so special, I can't express...just seeing your name and your creation etched there in the normal black ink...people who read this wouldn't even look twice...'oh, whatever, she's a blogger...she writes...big deal!' is what they'll say...but to me? It means so so much...getting appreciation for your creativity...feels ecstatic...I remember when I had got my very first blog follower...out of nowhere...I hadn't even followed any other blog at that time, I guess...he just came outta nowhere and read my stuff and liked it... blissful I felt...n now, this.
Thankyou, Molly...
Okk...moving on to the 25 things I do....hmmm....
This is a chain-game....I've been passed it to me by Molly...I just gotta write some random 25 things about me...and then tag 10 ppl....those whom I tag have to then write 25things about them and so on...
So here goes,
1. I'm Jitika Jain. Unwillingly studying BBI,…

I love you

There are some people who are closest to your heart...U might not got to them and express your love to them all the fight with them like savaged irritate the hell out of get on their nerves...but deep down somewhere, you know that you love them, with all your heart...and no one can change that fact...your love for them is irreplaceable...I'm blessed to have one such person in my life...

My brother....H nickname: Rajnikant...Yanna rascala, mind it!

everything's so much better and funnier and peaceful and happy when he's around...
I once remember I was crying and he came up to me and asked whether I needed water...he was 6 yrs old then...I couldn't help smiling at him even when I was in so much pain.... He means my life to me!
I know he'll be there with me in every dance of life! My brother. My life.  I love you, bro.

Two friends and a hell lotta rains

How I wish I could have the power to reverse my life just once! How I wonder how different my life would have turned out if I hadn't done that stupid thing... I look at him now as we wait for the bus stop for the same bus to come and somehow I know we're heading towards the same place.
"I shouldn't have said that...I really...I, I'm sorry" "How I wish your sorry could change things and make him come back....but well, things don't work that way now, do they?" If there were anyway i could set things right again..." Yes, there is a way...leave me alone, please!"
Raindrops are falling in a synchronized rhythm from his hair. His face is stoic but I can just see that familiar trace of anger and irritation behind it. He hated rains. That's the very thing that ha connected us in the first place.
"Shit shit papers...oh God! What do I do now?" "Oh crap! My do I go to meet her like this?" We were both talking to…

Life sucks and then you die...Yeah, I should be that lucky!

I’ve become very lazy when it comes to writing these days. I open MsWord and stare at it for hours as if waiting for it to start typing a story itself. It's not like I don't have anything to write about these days. My imagination runs just as wild as it ever did! In fact it has started running even wilder now that I’ve joined the gym.
Yeah me…. joined the gym. Pretty shocking, innit? (For all those who don’t find a reason to get shocked, visit this).You know I’ve been contemplating for a while and I finally reached a conclusion that if I want wear shorts and one pieces and halters and stuff, I’ll have to sacrifice my much adored body. LOL. No actually. My parents are super hyper and they won’t let me breathe in peace until they see me working on my body. Even if this stupidity is not doing me any good but making me yell in pain and shattering my body in a thousand small pieces. They actually had a bliss-attack when I announced that I had lost 1.5 kgs in 15 days. But instead of…

A New Ray of Hope :)

I waited for 45 minutes for him to come. My cell's battery was empty and I don't remember his no., so it was impossible for me to contact him. I craned my neck to the left, then right, then straight, back, left again every 3 seconds. It felt like I had some spring attached inside my neck. My excited anticipation was getting fainter by the minute and thoughts of R were coming back with rapidity and making me realize what a huge mistake I was going to commit. AGAIN - - - Have i trusted the wrong person again? Is he some kind of rebound? Not in the literal sense. But you know, a rebound in a friend sort of way. Am i never going to get a replacement for R. Am i always going to be trapped up in those memories and let myself be washed over with despair and lose all hope of ever recovering again? Is P never going to come? am I a fool to let a flame of hope light up inside me again? Should I leave? Or should I wait here forever? Just like I waited for R...who never came back! Is histo…

One dark night...

“Aaaaahhhhhh” I yelled at Shailly “run”.
She didn’t need the warning. We dashed outta the house in a jiff and kept running until our eyes could scan some human existence in that place. Finally after much panting and sweating, we sat on a two-seater swing and looked at each other in horror. It was the scariest and the weirdest thing to happen to me EVER. And Shailly is one of the most not-scared (sorry couldn’t find another word) girl in the world. If she can get scared in a situation like this, I most certainly can. And I get scared of even an almost invisible fly. Go figure!
We waited with anticipation for Shikha, Poonam and Sejal to return so that the chill and horror running down our spine could warm up and our superfast heartbeats could return to normal. Every two seconds we would scan the garden for some sign of some supernatural power or some lady in white sari with a candle in her hand or some kinda ghost. Finally – thank god – the girls came. So did those guys who were creating…