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On Weddings and Misanthropy!

Gosh, I just realized I hate almost everything. I mean it. I mean I hate animals, Indian food, exams, waking up early in the morning, romance, relationships, couples who go to Singapore-Malaysia for honey moon, summers, monsoon, documentary movies, cigarettes, snobs, children, being told off for being fat, people who think that they are the center of the Earth, The Earth itself, Sony Ericson's keypad, Maths, music that tears on my eardrums, stupid giggling girls, airheads, guys with yucky mustache, etc. etc.
But you know what I hate more than getting up at 7o'clock in the morning, more than children, more than rains, more that being told that I'm fat? It's Weddings!

I hate having to dress up like a traditional doll with big earrings and even bigger heels and dresses whose heavy bead work poke you and make you itch all over the place!I hate having to call out to all the people I know and ask them how they are!I hate having to smile all the time [do you even know how much …

They say life's a bitch. I'm guessing they haven't given exams!

Funny how a super intelligent exam partner can change your mood from
 >__< to ^____________^  in just half an hour! 

Would you believe me if I say I've copied my neighbor's paper word to word today  without being caught or told off at all?
How cool is that? Just the last exam "LAW" tomorrow and  7o'clock will only be greeted by deep sleep for a whole month after.
The Nagging Bitch : Studyyou don't wanna fail now, do you? And Facebook is hardly gonna take you much far! Me : Bitch off, gal! Just coz your definition of fun means solving accounts on a Sunday night with a coffee and calculator for company, doesn't mean we all are dying to follow you. I've got a life, you see.
Just pray, people, that my result is ok enough to keep the bitch's mouth shut forever!

Unplugged Trance

A tiny part of my mind says I've been here. Its a thought, I think.
I walk with that heady sense of purpose with a very unusual emotion named 'determination' etched on my face. Unusual coz determination is not me. Two crease lines on my face reveal the mingled tension and feverish excitement frothing and bubbling inside the calm facade.
Today is just like any other day. Today, i walk around those desolate streets searching for that one face, that house, that small playground behind that building, that broken swing with S.T. scratched on its seat, that kulfi-waala who hypnotizes children to buy kulfis in his sing-song voice, that P.C.O. which swallowed thousands of coins in favor of shattering my dreams forever. Today, I search for all of these with just as much anticipation as I did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that and so on and so forth. Today is same in all terms. Today, my feet still want to turn back and run away from this creepy hell-hole and …

Life Happens. Make it Happening.

Whatever must happen will happen And what happens is not and will never be in our hands. You just have to live around  that fact  and with that fact! Is it so hard? Or are we underestimating ourselves?

Numbness, grief, etc.

She doesn't remember how long she stood there.
Motionless, emotionless, empty; the slowly changing scenery outside her bedroom window was the only thing which made any movement at all. The grief - which has just been bubbling below the surface, ever since she left - threatening to engulf her, the only escape she could see for miles and miles ahead was Numbness. Her schedule hasn't changed one bit over the past month. Observing the golden ball, which was the setting sun, being swallowed by darkness again and again and ever again was satisfying somehow; it felt friendly too, like the vicious darkness and the obliging sun were the only things who understood her and reflected her emotions on a blue canvas night and night again.  The stars, that were always objects of wonder and amazement to her now pierced her like scalding knives whenever she saw them smiling down at her. The smile felt less friendly and more taunting the longer they saw her and made her feel even more lonely than s…

100 Truths !

1. Last beverage→ Sprite  2. Last phone call→ Home [Early morning. I always forget my earphones and come back for them.] 3. Last text message→ Shailly [Making plans for ROBOT] 4. Last song you listened to→ A year without rain [a very recent discovery. Selena is looking awesome. Trust me!] 5. Last time you cried→Today. In college. [Just know that whenever I'm very confused or irritated and don't know what to do, my eyes start leaking. Fortunately, it wasn't in front of everyone.] 

6. Dated someone twice → Nope. [:(] 7. Been cheated on? → Nope [:)]   8. Kissed someone & regretted it? → Never [My brother is a total sweetie.] 9. Lost someone special?→ Yep. Many times. [And I regret to say that most of the time, I was the one who was majorly responsible for the loss.] 10. Been depressed?→ Hell yeah. It's like my hobby. 11. Been drunk? → Have had drinks. But NEVER been drunk.

12. Black 13. White 14. Purple 15. Yellow 16.