Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love Will Happen

I’m no angel, no beauty goddess, I don’t make heads turn when I pass by. But I am a girl, a girl who -like everyone else- craves love …. carefree, selfless, lasting love.

And I don’t ask for a dude, stud or a replica of a Greek God, NO! I ask for a man who’ll love me for who I am, who’ll see the real me(no pretences), who’ll find perfection in my flaws, who’ll be by my side forever, come what may, who’ll just say…

“You’re not a dream,
You’re not an angel,
You’re a woman.
I’m not a king,
I’m a man,
Take my hand.”

And then I’ll go to him and love him like he’s never been loved before. But until then I’ll be waiting coz I know he’s there somewhere and coz I believe in happy endings, atleast in MY HAPPY ENDING….-_-……


Shantanu said...
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heena jain said...

amazing one :-)
so heart felt...i wish every1 thought the same way n this world wud b so much better

sonal lohia said...

too cute:)))

...Jitsy... said...

@heena, @sonal: thnx...a little optisim helps a ton...:)