Monday, January 25, 2010

Changing times (or changing me)!

I remember my English teacher lecturing us about change when I was in class 10th. How each and every one of us can bring change in this world if we have the will and determination.

Codswallop! My friends used to say. How is a 14 year old school supposed to change the world? This woman is losing it, I tell you.

But I felt otherwise. I was totally impressed by the idea. I believed her. And I wanted to put my belief into action. I wanted to bring change.

3 months later.....

Excitement coursed through me as I sat there staring at my Orkut profile. I felt like I was a part of the “in crowd”. I felt cool.

I started chatting with my friends. All they used in the chat was words like sup, STFU, LOL, kkkk…ASAP, ASL, d, etc. etc. etc.
I felt stupid. Not for myself but for others.

Firstly, they had ruined ‘English language’ and modified it in such a way that it was now unrecognizable and secondly, most of the people’s English was already bad and top it up with this new not-so-cool chat lingo…one word- DISASTER!!!

And then it occurred to me. I wanted to bring change and this was my chance. Excitement!!!! I started chatting again and insisted myself on using proper English and also insisted the opposite person to do so.

The result: My replies were so delayed and uncool due to my very poor typing speed and my new “change theory” that no one would risk coming online when I did. (Yeah, I couldn’t care less). I continued with my plan

3 years later (now, i.e.,)......

me texting: hey, sup? U free 2nite? Lets grab sum dinr..wat say? Lemme knw asap..gotta let oders knw 2…:)

So, in the end…. SUCCESS!!!!!
Change has happened.
Yeah, I know it’s me who has changed but still….
Change has happened.
Mission accomplished.*_*

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