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Birthday shopping means shopping for all the days of the birthday month...right?

Coz thats what I've done! *tries to not look guilty at all*
Its birthday time for Dandelion!!!!!!!!! 8) I've always been excited about my birthday but this year seems different. Reason? Dandelion has made so many new friends and all of them are so so besharam that she's gonna lose every single penny she has in treating them for being born with no special talent other than making it a tradition to cry atleat once on every birthday!
I'm an adult and there's never been a single day since last February which actually made a difference. :[ I still can't ride bikes. My car is rusting away too. I'm still too young to drink. *winks* I don't even have a credit card. The only thing I've done which makes me feel all grown up and important is DONATE BLOOD!!! *claps claps claps* The fainting and blackouts we won't talk about. Why ruin the proud moment, eh? ;)
And oh, for all those who want to gimme gifts for my 19th birthday, jus lemme know...I'll contact you! …

Isn't it reason enough?

I look at you - laughing as if there's no bother in the world that can ever make you frown, feeling my gaze and looking at me questionably, calling my name, trying to shake me out of my reverie, failing to realize that its you who I am actually into, not an oblivion, not any dream. Its you who has me so caught up and mesmerized. You, whom I never want to forget. You I look at and smile, subtly trying to capture all the emotions and actions that I know will fade one day...just like everything else.
Never ever have I hated time so much. Never ever felt that desperate urge to smash the clock and stop its rhythmic, almost hypnotic ticking forever. I already see you blurring around the edges, making me feel exactly how helpless I am in front of time. Face heated up, scrunched up in concentration not to ruin this perfect moment of bliss, I wonder if I'll ever forgive time again...for helping me through, for taking this away, for making  all these days just a blurry image of a forgott…