Saturday, February 25, 2012

What you mean to me - Fantabulous February

Like the burst of yellow in the ocean of green,
Like the beautiful candle that molten wax had once been;
Like the first sunrays on the cold gray sea,
Like the intoxicating fragrance of the assamese tea;
Like the closest friend one could have in a strange, new city,
you fill my life with colors and make me feel pretty.

The photo above is an inspiration taken from Kanika's Blog.
Visit her blog to understand her take on the given photo.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I could have been 18 again, envied by every girl for being a girlfriend of the best-looking guy in the class. I could have been the introverted bitch with an "attitude problem" again. I could have been the girl who was laughed at for weeks because she tripped down the stairs onto a guy who resembled a stick figure! I could have been messed-up again, so much so that littlest things would set the waterworks off. I could have been the helpless romantic, who - in spite of having her heart broken - would have forgiven the guy just because it would save me the big fight and frankly, save me from going back to being alone.

I could so easily go back to being that girl again; and I could have ended up having a memorable time. I could have forgiven the guy just because we liked the same band and hated the same subjects. I could have given in just for the familiarity and simplicity of it all.

I couldn't help getting lost in an intoxicating reverie, with some acoustic music filling the background.
But the phone rang again and I snapped back to reality.

If only it had been any other day, I thought, and I picked up the phone.
"Hey! Listen, I - I shouldn't have - I - " but then he sighed, and instead said, "I miss you!"

I had expected this but it ached nevertheless. I took a deep breath, mustered all my strength and finally said those words which would end it all. "It's not love for 'a person'", I said, remembering him saying these exact words to his then ex-girlfriend, " it's just love for 'the day'. Why don't you call me when the spell's broken."

And then I hung up, providing us both with the much needed closure!