Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indian Suicide Hostel

It was afternoon and I was in no mood to reach home early or roam out in d sun. It was also the first day of KCBMM fest – Blitzkrieg. So I thought I’d attend theatre. I just saw one play – ISH (Indian Suicide Hostel). It was based on suicides, just as the name suggests.

The play consisted of a matron who takes care of the hostel and checks whether rules are being followed or not (yes, ISH has rules!). Then there were these 5 people who had committed suicide for totally predictable and stupid reasons – dumped by fiancé, failed exams, Mom & dad gone... Hence, feeling lonely, Blah-dee-blah. Then there was this madman (coz I don’t really know what his role was and also because he always kept laughing, giggling stupidly more like) whose speech was so poor that I couldn’t grasp even a single word he said. All he did was laugh at people who committed suicide. Then there was this to-be-entrant who was just about to commit suicide coz he found his girlfriend was three-timing him (dude, don’t you have anything better to do instead was wasting your life on the whore who wouldn’t care less even if you jumped of a 50-storeyed skyscraper).

He seemed to have realized the same thing coz then he decided against committing suicide. (Good for you, pal!). And in the end everyone sang “give me some sunshine” in a voice which in itself is suicidal! The end.

Moral: suicide is a cowardly act. It’s for losers. Life tests you through the difficulties it brings in front of you. The real winners are those who face life and its difficulties with strength, grace and dignity.

I totally agree.
Not with the first part though.
I think that even entertaining the thoughts of committing suicide need guts of a completely different and high level. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But that doesn’t justify what you’re doing. You’re still wrong but you should still get your credits.

You’re wrong because it’s your life. Not your boyfriend’s or fiancé’s or parents’ or examiners’. They don’t rule you and they do not have the right to decide your fate.

So next time suicide comes to meet you, greet it with grace and say “Not today buddy. I Have a feeling my life’s gonna change for good.” And it is. Because you have already faced the worst and life just can’t get any worse. It will only get better. Coz you have won the fight with the biggest challenge ever – death. Seeing that you’ve won against death, other challenges will be nothing but a piece of cake.~_~

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