Friday, January 22, 2010


I was in 7th and a super fan of cartoons … well, I still am anyways…..

That was the period well known as the “K-SERIAL” era and anyone who didn’t see them were considered uncool. Discussing about what happened in the serial became the favorite pastime and watching the repeat telecasts of each soap more than twice was considered the norm.

It was Friday afternoon and I was glued to my TV screen with such concentration, you’d say I had to give a paper on it next day. All my other friends had school and wouldn’t come back and call me for the next 3 hours. An added bonus! My favorite cartoon was playing-CATDOG, which was to be followed by RUGRATS and then SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.
Ah, bliss!

But I should have known better. My very best friend (who was a die-hard K-SERIAL fan, I daresay) had to get the rest of the day off from school that very day and had to burst into my house (without knocking once) and catch me laughing uncontrollably at a joke from CATDOG.

As soon as I saw her I changed the channel to the safe STARPLUS, but too late, the damage was done.

She stood there as still as she’s been carved out of stone (for how long, I don’t know). After what felt like an eternity, she asked, “You didn’t. Tell me you didn’t. Please, please, please tell me that it’s not true, that you didn’t” (DRAMAQUEEN!!!)
“Well….” I shrugged.
“NO”, she groaned.

I stood there thinking what next?
Just then “Well, we can’t do anything about it can we? Just do me a favor ok. Please keep this a secret and save me the embarrassment, alright?” she said as if watching cartoons is the most repulsive thing one can do.
I snorted (in my mind, ofcourse. I didn’t want to be kicked out of my gang of blinded-by-drama BFFs now, did I?).
It has been 3yrs now and I haven’t even caught so much as a glimpse of her.

We bump into each other the other day, talk for hours about those times and laugh, laugh until our throats hurt and others look at us and debate whether to call the asylum or not.

We look at those peoples’ expressions and laughter escapes us again.
But this time it’s different. This time we laugh because we miss and plan to relive those times, the drama, the silly fights, the “I’m the elder one so I’ll have a go at the swing first”, the Christmas parties we organized for 20 bucks each person, the pokemon tazos we exchanged, the GOOD OL’ DAYZZZ…^_^

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