Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lessons - learnt the hard way.

  • If you don't make an effort to be remembered. You're forgotten.
  • People leave. Heart shatters. Just a little lesser every time.
  • Loneliness is way underrated.
  • If you're confused about being with someone, then save them the heart aches - Don't be with them.
  • Life is overrated and pointless. You're living not because you feel alive. You're living because there's still time for death.
  • It wasn't love. It was a matter of priority.
  • Don't hate so much. You're going to regret it too damn much when you see the person you hated with a burning passion reflected in that pitiless mirror.
  • Love changes to hope, flickers and gives away by the way of regret. Hate - it intensifies.
  • Ego is just a selfish way used to stay away from confrontation. It bows away only when its too late for anything else.

And this last one I learnt after observing this elderly lady on the train back from Rajasthan.

  • Love is having that one person in your life you want to say your first "Good Morning" and your last "Good Night" to.

Upon asking her grand-daughter I found that she has been widowed 15 years ago. What was so sweet and touching about her was that even though she did not remember what she did or said 5-10 minutes ago, she did not forget to sleep with and wake up to her late husband's picture by her side.