Saturday, January 30, 2010

College Days

So nice was that life,
So nice were those days;
The most boring of all
Were the Aprils and Mays.

All the feelings and crushes
For the thousand people we had,
On getting just a glimpse of that someone
We used to go mad.

Those lies we said to our parents
To go for picnics and outings;
Those promises we made to them,
“From tomorrow, promise, I’ll start studying”.

The last-minute studying,
The late overnights;
Spending more time making chits
Instead of learning the answers right.

Hours and hours of chatting
About nothing but cool guys;
Oh! He looks hot,
Oh! His smile is nice.

So beautiful were those days
Of cheerfulness bliss;
Those were the good old days
Which I’ll always miss.

I still cherish those times,
When we painted the town red;
We acted as if we’d achieved everything,
As if there was nothing we never had.

It feels really bad to know
That those days would never come back;
All those happy moments we’d lived,
These are the thing which I, now, lack.

Always remember one thing
Live with no regrets.
Always take up as a challenge
Whatever problems life gets.

This was the main thing
I learned in those days;
I’ll miss them wholeheartedly,
Which I call my “college days”.


shrikant kumawat said...

nice poem

Anish Patel said...

really nice one... reminded my good old college days.. :( ....

...Jitsy... said...

@ shrikant: thnx so much...:)

...Jitsy... said...

anish: whoa! dis was so long ago....i had written dis wen i was trying not to doze in d class in FYJC...
ahh! memorable times...
newys, thnx for the appreciation...