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"Dead" is such an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Guess how pitiful my condition is for the next fortnight!!! Err, stop giving yourself a brain tumor and scroll down for a visual display...

Yeah, that's a book I'm holding! After six whole freaking months!

Its day 1. Brought the books just 2 days ago. Opened them today [:P]

I'm encountering an APOCALYPSE filhaal... Have to learn seven fucking subjects in fifteen days... Three out of which are related to maths and accounts... which have never (in 14 years of my educational life) failed to give me goosebumps... soooo...... in simple words... get set go for EPIC FAIL!

Surprising no?

Came across this pic on another blog. I just had to share it with you guys.
and to whomever it may concern... this is not "copying" this is "SPREADING AWARENESS" =]
Oh btw, on a completely different topic, check my i-pod on the right and  be a sweetie and suggest me some songs according to the describes genre please! love ya!

Ah, well...She is a bit different!

She hated mess! That has been her problem, ALWAYS!
Even if it were simple things such as TV channels or songs in her I-pod or her wardrobe or whatever else, she didn’t like mess. It irritated her, gave her a severe headache and made her want to shout.
She would arrange all her favorite channels in an order so that she didn’t have to surf through all the other unwanted, unexpected channels on her way to the desired one. She hated mess as well as surprises. She never left a single song in her I-Pod unheard and deleted the ones which she hadn’t heard for a long time. They didn’t invite familiarity; they were new, they were strangers. She was scared of strangers. She read the same novel again and again instead of reading new ones for a change. New novels meant new stories, new characters, new emotions. That scared her to hell. Old books meant that she knew what was coming. It wouldn't surprise her at all. She was safe from unruly outbursts of undesired emotions. She was happy in her own…

When J met S met Camera!

click to enlarge
No. this is not what I mean when I give you THAT title! This is just a teaser!
Scroll down fellas!

click to enlarge
This is THE one! Howzit? Spend a good 2 hours on getting the clothes, then the hair and then the expressions right! Dozed off right after the "photosession" was done! :D

Dizzie Rascals

Fix up, Look Sharp!

Never heard such..such - Oh,I don't have a word for it so I go with weird for now - music!
you have to hear it, now!
If you like it, I want my comment box flooded with awaiting moderation list!
If not, I still want to hear why? Coz I don't see why this rascal is not to be liked and downloaded right this moment!

Coming out of hibernation

She stood there, all dizzy; Drifting through all the garbled versions of herself, Through wrongs and rights  And likes and dislikes. She stood there, wanting answers From herself, her true self; Not from the grotesque puppet she is, Or from the wannabe she's been striving so hard to become,

She tries to find her herself, Feverishly shuffling through all the masks she's ever worn; Searching herself, among the pounding flashes of popularity, acceptance and assumed happiness; Searching for her soul, rather then her face; Coz she knows that's only whats left of her, What she's left untouched, unbothered, Just ignored; Replaced with a cheap copy of what she thought was cool, was IN. She's searching still, fever rising ever so slightly.

Was she so lost? Lost...amidst all the blurs and hazes of a life which seems distant, unreal. Searching for a string which attached her to herself? Searching finally; ready to claim her ownself, Finally ready to face the real world, by being the real self!

Your life! Your choice!

Its always about making choices.
Its always about making the bad choices.
Good? Not that much!
Coz its the bad ones which are gonna make you stronger than you are. Even a bit smarter.
Coz its the bad ones which will make your rewind worth reliving.
Coz its the bad ones which will make you meet the best people of your lives.
Coz its the bad ones which will, sometimes, make you fall in love. And if you're lucky enough, fall outta it!
Coz its the bad ones which will define the fun times of your life.
And coz its the bad ones which is gonna twist your mouth into an upward curve which you'll very desperately need when your old, shattered and lonely!
Its always about making the bad ones!


That’s how it feels to be writing this post.
I would be trying to act cooler than I am if I say that I was busy. No, that would be a downright lie.
Trust me, there have been times when I have just sat there watching the blank screen for hours on end trying to put those creepy jumbles inside my head into words. But alas, laziness is such a sweet addiction it almost killed my dedication! Yeah, it takes me almost 2 months to realize that no?
But today, I’m not here to discuss this past time with you.
No, I won’t bore you about how I spent almost all my time thinking up witty one-liners and copy-pasted my own blog posts on Facebook.
I won’t even tell you that I have FINALLY started listening to Eminem, not that I understand him that well but hey, if I can understand Akon, who sings from every possible place except his mouth then I can TOTALLY understand him. He just needs some getting used to.
One teeny bit of advice/suggestion/promise/or whatever else you wanna take it to be: I’m not gonna tal…