Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just Smile...

Smile when you’re happy,
Smile when you’re sad,
Smile when you’re feeling low,
Smile even when things turn bad.

Don’t give up just smile,
When things start going wrong,
And your bad times will pass away,
Just like a happy song.

Smile when you’ve lost someone
Who was dearest to your heart.
Remember that life doesn’t stop here
Smile, coz it may be a new start.

Just forget all the pains and worries for once
And think of the joyous days you’ve had.
Just remember to keep smiling always
Coz life is, indeed, not so bad.

Smile, coz it’s the only way
To face problems without fears.
Smile, coz you have to prove to everyone
That there exists no such thing as tears.

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