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Life Happens. Make it Happening.

Whatever must happen will happen
And what happens is not and will never be in our hands.
You just have to live around  that fact 
and with that fact!
Is it so hard?
Or are we underestimating ourselves?


- Sugar Cube - said…
I love the title. I think that's the answer :)

Its difficult ofcourse..and only with time that you learn to live around certain facts that you dislike.
The day you're indifferent to feel better.

Hows your exam prep going ? :)
Dandelion said…
exactly my point!

n exam prep???
2 din badhai maar li padhai karke...but now i've given up...ab directly m gonna study during exams! literally!
o hell with marks, ders always KT!
Jeweliot said…
life becomes easier to deal with with that attitude. whatever must happen WILL HAPPEN. also, what's done is done - there's no changing that!
Sushant Shekhar said…
loved the picture, n that's that!:)

and now am winking upfront;-)
Dandelion said…
jeweliot: ofcourse, u cant change wats dun..n dat i think is the hardest part...*sigh*...but u just learn to liv ith dat, dontcha?

sushant: yeah, d pic totally caught my eye!
keep winking :D ;]
Rakhshanda said…
Hey the title is very interesting...Lovely blog!
Glad to have visited....Try checking out mine.
Dandelion said…
thanx rakshanda...
ur blog's lovely too...
keep up the good work =]

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