Tuesday, October 19, 2010

They say life's a bitch. I'm guessing they haven't given exams!

Funny how a super intelligent exam partner can change your mood from
 >__< to ^____________^
 in just half an hour! 

Would you believe me if I say I've copied my neighbor's paper word to word today 
without being caught or told off at all?

How cool is that?
Just the last exam "LAW" tomorrow and 
7o'clock will only be greeted by deep sleep for a whole month after.

The Nagging Bitch : Studyyou don't wanna fail now, do you? And Facebook is hardly gonna take you much far!
Me : Bitch off, gal! Just coz your definition of fun means solving accounts on a Sunday night with a coffee and calculator for company, doesn't mean we all are dying to follow you. I've got a life, you see.

Just pray, people,
that my result is ok enough to keep the bitch's mouth shut forever!


bollywoodstylediaries said...

wish u the best for ur LAW exams..

Jeweliot said...

hee hee all the best!

Dandelion said...

thnx guys the paper was awesum!
exam ova!!!!!!!!!!
dhichak dhinchak! *grinning as widely as possible*!!!!

Anish Patel said...

Best Luck for result now........ Facebook is addictive..... :( .... Me too bugged by it.... anyways...
and ya, US life keeps me busy... weekdays are hectic with work and weekends are hectic with outings... :) .... enjoying...
here last weekend outing.. it was awesome... http://picasaweb.google.com/anish.rp/SixFlagsNJ#

- Sugar Cube - said...

lol @ the title :D
And the pic - :D ...been there done that :D But I was caught once :|

Exams over now! Superfun time begins!