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Two friends and a hell lotta rains

How I wish I could have the power to reverse my life just once!
How I wonder how different my life would have turned out if I hadn't done that stupid thing...
I look at him now as we wait for the bus stop for the same bus to come and somehow I know we're heading towards the same place.

"I shouldn't have said that...I really...I, I'm sorry"
"How I wish your sorry could change things and make him come back....but well, things don't work that way now, do they?"
If there were anyway i could set things right again..."
Yes, there is a way...leave me alone, please!"

Raindrops are falling in a synchronized rhythm from his hair. His face is stoic but I can just see that familiar trace of anger and irritation behind it. He hated rains. That's the very thing that ha connected us in the first place.

"Shit shit papers...oh God! What do I do now?"
"Oh crap! My do I go to meet her like this?"
We were both talking to ourselves but yet loudly enough for everyone to hear.
"I hate these rains"
"I hate these rains"
We said in unison.
We looked at each other and then grimaced. It's kinda hard to smile when all you wanted to do is shout and bang your head on the wall and whine.
"I've got a plastic bag, if you want one" he said looking at my folder.
"Thanks...but the damage is already done" I showed him my papers and shrugged.
He managed a smile at that.
"Your girlfriend waiting for you?" I asked.
He grimaced again.
"I'm already half an hour late. She's the punctual types you know."
"Hehe...all the best!"
Just then, his phone rang.
"Hi" he spoke into the phone.
"Um no...its gonna take some time...I'm stuck here somewhere...(grimace again), I...(a trace of anger)...and you're saying it now?...I'm already there...yeah, that's what I meant...(relief)...fine, fine...well, call me when you get back...ok bye, take care...yeah bye.
"Phew!...we're not meeting after all. Thank you rains!" At first I thought he was talking to himself but I was proved wrong when he turned to face me and said "where are you going?" when I had started to move again after stuffing my folder in the plastic bag that he had offered.
" see the rains?"
"'ll just drown if you go right now. Let it calm down a little."
"You know what? I think you're right."
"Lets go sit somewhere. You know some place here? I'm new to this area."
"Yeah, there's a Barista just at the end of the lane."
"Cool...let's go."
I stared at him for a moment. We barely knew each other for two minutes and he just asked me to have coffee with him!
Correction : he didn't ask, he ordered!
I wondered if this was the new way guys use to flirt with girl these days and so, getting a little peeved, I said, "Um no...I think I'll wait here for the rain to slow down. I'm already late."
He just shrugged in a 'whatever' sorta way, said "alright...well, bye then...I'm starving" and stalked away.
I stood there in shock and stared after his fading profile. He wasn't flirting after all.
And the rains don't seem in the mood to calm down either. Oh boy...
"God! It sure is pouring cats and dogs outside" I said casually as I seated myself opposite him in Barista ten minutes later.
"Hey" he said through his overstuffed mouth.
"So you weren't kidding about being hungry, eh?" I asked him, feeling nauseated seeing him murder his croissant.
"Y woo I laa?" was all he managed to say.
"Don't bother" I laughed. "Just eat". Another ten minutes later, I too was stuffing ample amount of croissants into my mouth.
We sorta connected right then.

He didn't notice me yet. Maybe if I just slipped past him silently, he wouldn't notice me. I've even put on a windcheater. He wouldn't even know it's me.
I turned to move but damn! just then, he noticed me. And even worse? I noticed him noticing me. So i couldn't even walk by like i hadn't seen him at all. That'll seem rude. We were once best friends after all.
I smiled at him. I guess it didn't come out right coz he came towards me and said "Rains, eh?"
I didn't know what to say so I just stared at my shoes.
"So...bus hasn't come yet huh?"
I rolled my eyes. "Can't you see?" I couldn't help smiling.
He smiled too. And then became serious. "I can understand if you don't wanna talk to me now. I'd deserve it." And he meant it. That made me even sadder. How can I ever have said all those cruel words to him when all he ever wanted was to see me happy? I looked at him and realized what i was wishing for when I saw him standing here, at the bus stop. I wanted time reversal. Well, I wasn't gonna get that but life was presenting me with one more chance. A chance to right the wrong. A chance to learn from my mistakes. I grabbed it.
"You know, there's a CCD just on the other side of the bridge?"
"I'm starving" he was playing along.
"Another rainy day" I faked a grimace.
"I'm in no hurry" he mocked.
"Me neither" I smiled.

As much as I hate rains, I thought, there sure is something magical about them!


sush said…
nice... i really liked the part where "you guys" go to the barista.. found it to be pretty original and casual.. not at all forced or made up ... :)
...Jitsy... said…
thanx so much for the appreciation guys...:)

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