Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dizzie Rascals

Fix up, Look Sharp!

Never heard such..such - Oh,I don't have a word for it so I go with weird for now - music!
you have to hear it, now!
If you like it, I want my comment box flooded with awaiting moderation list!
If not, I still want to hear why? Coz I don't see why this rascal is not to be liked and downloaded right this moment!


bollywoodstylediaries said...

yes, u are right!! Kangana will look gorgeous..hope she gets her hair right:-)

Dandelion said...

sum nyc elegant bun i guess...wat say...????
oh yeah, no hair accesories?

Crazy Diamond said...

funny yeah heheh fix up look shaaarp

Dandelion said...

liked it, crazy diamond???
plz plz plz say yes...
ul b d frst one to say dat..
one of my facebook frnds has suggested me su other songs to improve my taste in musics...imagine!!
i mean, really, dis song cant b dat bad, right?