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That’s how it feels to be writing this post.

I would be trying to act cooler than I am if I say that I was busy. No, that would be a downright lie.

Trust me, there have been times when I have just sat there watching the blank screen for hours on end trying to put those creepy jumbles inside my head into words. But alas, laziness is such a sweet addiction it almost killed my dedication! Yeah, it takes me almost 2 months to realize that no?

But today, I’m not here to discuss this past time with you.

No, I won’t bore you about how I spent almost all my time thinking up witty one-liners and copy-pasted my own blog posts on Facebook.

I won’t even tell you that I have FINALLY started listening to Eminem, not that I understand him that well but hey, if I can understand Akon, who sings from every possible place except his mouth then I can TOTALLY understand him. He just needs some getting used to.

One teeny bit of advice/suggestion/promise/or whatever else you wanna take it to be: I’m not gonna talk about R ever again after this. Pinky swear. And if I ever EVEEERRRRR try to bore you again, you’ve total rights to throw your keyboards on the screen. I wouldn’t mind. =]

Nor am I gonna tell you that I have now finally given up on R. No, not ceased contacts or deleted his messages and photos or all that crap. I realized that all this drama is for losers who “love”. Not I’m way too cool for that. I’ve just accepted things as they are and guess what, some how it feels as if things are going back to the way they were before. Not before-before but like it was when we didn’t know each other that well and were both giving their best efforts not to get on the wrong side of each other. Isn’t that how people actually are at the start of their college life?

Aahhh...i meant, after this time...:P

And I’m totally not gonna tell you that now – during this beeeeeeg break from blog-writing I mean – I’m gonna throw my attitude in the bin. Like, really! And I did just that when I talked to this guy in my class who people say have a crush on me and hence I don’t talk to him and hence he doesn’t talk to me and hence it gets totally awkward to be around him. Yeah HIM.


And guess guess guess, no one came and cussed me or spat words at me such as “despo” or “whats got into you” or whateverrrrrr. Infact he just replied all politely and nicely. Wow, and I was expecting a chasm to crack open beneath my feet or something. Like, d-oh!

I’m not gonna tell you that I’VE GIVEN UP ON PEOPLE. PEROID. No no, I’m not taking sanyaas or going into depression or something that creepy. I’m just starting to accept things and people as bitchy and manipulative and whiny and boring and bitchy and competitive and insane and pompous and bitchy as they are. I mean, how hard can it be really no?

And finally, I’m not gonna bother explaining why I’ve changed my name or my photo or my template or my blog name and whatever else!

You want simple explanation? I was tired! The blog seemed dull! My blog title was even duller (is that correct grammar?) I love experimenting! Change is always good! The end!

What now?
Feedback time!!!!!!! :D

P.S.:  on a completely different note and topic, I gotta say something. This thing, it’s been eating me slowly like crazy and it feels like m shrinking beneath its weight.
She’s too much like her mother. No wonder.
Yeah, that’s it.


Arpitha Holla said…
gotta say.. blog template is really cool.. superb..!! liked the new name of the blog.. its good to expeiment.. i totally agree wit u on tht.. :) take care.. ( again m d 1st one to comment.. :))
Jitsywitsy said…
thank koooooo.......
was really tired of that boring name n template...dis one jus spices up my whole site...=]
its gr8 u liked it...
Crazy Diamond said…
hahahahahah @ dirty little secrets. I LOVE IT!

and the girl on the header, what's she drinking? somehow, its tempting!!

loving the new look. not dullerrrrrr now heheheh

who cares! just have fun
Anish Patel said…
Finally, You r back... I thought many times to ask u but then... anyways, I miss ur short stories n honest writing... good that u r back.. n I love the title... It is sooooo cooooool.... :) ....
Keep it up.....
Dandelion said…
crazy diamond: thanxx.......dat girl is drinkin coffeee yaaa....but yea it does seem tempting no?

thanx 4 d appreciation....n yea, m havin a hell lotta fun..=]
Dandelion said…
anish: missed ya'l too mannnnn!!!!!!
thanx for d compliment abt d title...actually took it frm dis song i'm currently hooked to by All American Rejects...try it..its gr8....
n abt stories??....dey'll cum....i jus need a brainwave..=]
pri said…
hahaha...i enjoyed reading what you didn't tell us :p

keep writing!
Dandelion said…
pri: thanxx......
will surely try to keep writing....=]

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