Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coming out of hibernation

She stood there, all dizzy;
Drifting through all the garbled versions of herself,
Through wrongs and rights 
And likes and dislikes.
She stood there, wanting answers
From herself, her true self;
Not from the grotesque puppet she is,
Or from the wannabe she's been striving so hard to become,

She tries to find her herself,
Feverishly shuffling through all the masks she's ever worn;
Searching herself, among the pounding flashes of popularity, acceptance and assumed happiness;
Searching for her soul, rather then her face;
Coz she knows that's only whats left of her,
What she's left untouched, unbothered,
Just ignored; 
Replaced with a cheap copy of what she thought was cool, was IN.
She's searching still, fever rising ever so slightly.

Was she so lost?
Lost...amidst all the blurs and hazes of a life which seems distant, unreal.
Searching for a string which attached her to herself?
Searching finally; ready to claim her ownself,
Finally ready to face the real world, by being the real self!

She waits for the dizziness to stop, 
To the past memories to wipe themselves from her mind,
To her cheap, wannabe self to go drown in the sea, 
For the real(the only)SHE to come out of hibernation, 
She waits with a thread to connect her alter ego with her soul and body,
Finally ready to be born again!

Coz what she tought she was 
Was only ever a thought!
That's as true as it can get!
That's as true as SHE can get!


Nostalgic said...

Beautifully written.

Sidrah said...

so she realized =)
nicely composed! Good words.



Sidrah said...

followed ur blog, follow me bck plz? =]

Anish Patel said...

Well.... well written... hope you are out of hibernation now....
nice one.... btw, r u really 18 year old girl.. :) ....

Dandelion said...

oh god anish!!!!
you've asked me this question about a 100 tyms alredy..
do i gove off vibes of that of an 80 year old really?

Dandelion said...

Nostalgic, Sidrah: thanx so much ppl!