Saturday, February 25, 2012

What you mean to me - Fantabulous February

Like the burst of yellow in the ocean of green,
Like the beautiful candle that molten wax had once been;
Like the first sunrays on the cold gray sea,
Like the intoxicating fragrance of the assamese tea;
Like the closest friend one could have in a strange, new city,
you fill my life with colors and make me feel pretty.

The photo above is an inspiration taken from Kanika's Blog.
Visit her blog to understand her take on the given photo.


Sam B said...

That made me smile :)

Shiromi * said...

Pretty, just as the picture.

Soumi said...

Makes for quite a visual...and so feel-good without being mushy.Well done.

Soumi said...

Awwwww...that was sooooooo sweet! FF has made me such an admirer of good ol' romantic pieces! Participate in Memorable March(details are on my blog),will you,pleaseeee?

Thamarai Ravi said...

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sandhosh said...

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