Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I could have been 18 again, envied by every girl for being a girlfriend of the best-looking guy in the class. I could have been the introverted bitch with an "attitude problem" again. I could have been the girl who was laughed at for weeks because she tripped down the stairs onto a guy who resembled a stick figure! I could have been messed-up again, so much so that littlest things would set the waterworks off. I could have been the helpless romantic, who - in spite of having her heart broken - would have forgiven the guy just because it would save me the big fight and frankly, save me from going back to being alone.

I could so easily go back to being that girl again; and I could have ended up having a memorable time. I could have forgiven the guy just because we liked the same band and hated the same subjects. I could have given in just for the familiarity and simplicity of it all.

I couldn't help getting lost in an intoxicating reverie, with some acoustic music filling the background.
But the phone rang again and I snapped back to reality.

If only it had been any other day, I thought, and I picked up the phone.
"Hey! Listen, I - I shouldn't have - I - " but then he sighed, and instead said, "I miss you!"

I had expected this but it ached nevertheless. I took a deep breath, mustered all my strength and finally said those words which would end it all. "It's not love for 'a person'", I said, remembering him saying these exact words to his then ex-girlfriend, " it's just love for 'the day'. Why don't you call me when the spell's broken."

And then I hung up, providing us both with the much needed closure!


CynicalOxymoron™ said...

Ur intro to this post sounds like a chapter outta my life... Well kudos to you for finally calling the quits. You are moving on.. you will be fine.

Shourav said...

All the very best .

Arunima said...

on 14?

Dandelion said...

Arunima: YES!

Stepherd said...

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