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Coz that's the only place where you can fill a booklet full of curses, lyrics and jokes in exams and still get full marks!

Coz that's the only place where you can kiss your best friend's hot boyfriend and get blessings from your friend instead of swears and punches!

Coz its the only place where you can sing like a frog and dance lika an itchy hen and be praised more than Michael Jackson!

Coz its the only place where you don't run behind your father begging for a new cellphone but its he who says its high time you took one!

Coz its the only place where you have a perfect life with a sea-facing mansion, Ashton Kutcher for a husband and blue-eyed twins for kids!

Coz its the only place where fat and ugly is in!

Coz that's the only place where "impossible" is made to hide its face and make a run for it.

You don't wanna end up regretting not getting to live the life you always wanted now, do you?


Nikhil Bhaskar said…
so true .....Coz I once traversed the rings of Jupiter in less than a minute ;)
Anish Patel said…
:) .... so you r back with bang....
Cardinal Ruby said…
so true.
here's to dreaming
*cheers* :D
Cardinal Ruby said…
A lot like love <3
Absolutely love the background.

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