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Rajnikant, WTF and a desperation of being 21.

I've been having a super time lately. I'd been shopping yesterday! And I've shopped as if it was the first time that I've been unleashed on all those clothes :P

All my purchases are well hidden in the deepest pit of my ever-growing mound of clothes in my closet. I'm thinking of revealing them to my mum around Christmas! =]

And I've just lived three family-free days all alone at my place! So, my parents finally realize that I'm old enough to take care of myself and the house and not leave the geyser on after leaving the shower or burn the whole house down or whatever. Yeah dad, mom, you make me feel great! :P

Or maybe its because of my stubbornness. You know I can make a pretty realistic looking pout and produce tears for as long as four hours! And after that I get bored coz my mouth hurts, eyes sting and everyone actually loses interest in me and leave me to keep sniveling. Yeah, lovely family, no?

Sunday, I went out with friends. After a long time, it feels like. And that trip was one hell of an adventure, mind you! 

I had been feeling all excited coz I had researched this little lounge called "WTF" at Bandra and what actually caught my attention when I was going through their info on Google is that an entire wall is dedicated to posters of Rajnikant!!!!! And all you MJ fans, there's one wall dedicated to him too!


Buuuuttttt....but but but...the first thing we're greeted with when we enter that heavenly little place is a warning sign saying "NO ENTRY FOR PEOPLE BELOW 21". Can you believe that? All this time I've been excited to go this place and that manager comes and asks me for my ID to prove that I'm of age. And what was actually annoying was that every other friend of mine was above 21 except for me! So harsh!

Well, it doesn't end here. We then go to Cafe Bonobo and they have the same fucking rule! So, as a last resort we go to FirangiPaani where the manager, too, asks for our ID but somehow we convince them that we're above 21. We go in, ask for jain food and they say there's none! :| 

Most of my friends have Jain food and there's no way, they say, that we're staring at you licking your plates clean.

Angry, hungry, defeated and annoyed we leave that place too. So now, i'm giddy with hunger, my legs ache thanks to my heels and all the places I researched don't want to take us in!

Finally someone comes with the idea of U-Turn and we all happily run [well, not technically] towards that place and sigh with relief when we're led towards our seats and served water. The starters come and all our annoyance is forgotten in sudden sounds of scraping of spoons and forks on our deliciously tempting plates. All in all, it was entertaining and we decided that the experience has been fun instead of annoying. Phew.

That's me in P!nk

My biggest achievement till date : My friend has to suddenly cancel the sleepover at my place and I see myself facing a whole night of darkness and fear. I'm like this biggest "phatu" on this planet. I've been scared to my wits with the idea of being all alone for a whole fucking night. And so, I'm surprised to see, when I opened my eyes in the morning, that I survived it. I'm still alive. *grins stupidly*

I know you're bored to the point of pulling at your hair and even though there's a hell lot I wanna type down, I'll stop here and save you a trip to the doctors after you bang your heads with your keyboards. :D


you girls are having such a blast!! miss my college days and my friends:-(
Jeweliot said…

hmmm cool pictures, good fun ! you look cuttee :))

WTF is a good name he he

and i'd soooo go there and pose next to MJ's wall !

when do you turn 21?
Dandelion said…
bollywoodstylediaries: i knw. n wats funny is i'm the only one still in degree college! others are nearing marriage and some are busy becomin lawyers! :P

Jeweliot: dERS STILL 2.5 years to go :[
n thanx, i do look cute, i agree :D
Shreya Agarwal said…
oh my god, a whole wall for RAJNIKANTH?
i am so gonna take that wall home! :D
UjjwalRaaj said…
I am so checking that place out when I'm going down there!! But ID? My friends get stoned there all the time at joints, and they don't have a problem with ID...... don't girls have it easier???

Being a semi bong being brought up in a city like Delhi.......Jain food is a scary walking into KFC and asking for their veg zinger..... :-o

Dandelion said…
Ujjwal: actually, i missed out on a tiny point der...
one of my friends got so scared wen the manager said abt cops n all, she jus wouldnt stay der ne longer :P
bgut still, we did hav tequilla wen v went to u-turn...somehow we did manage to convince her..she didnt though! :P
n yeah, ders noway ur missin out on dat place!
Dandelion said…
Shreya: Rajnikanth rox!
I am so visiting "WTF" the next time I'm in your city.

By the way, sorry for reading between the lines.

"I've been scared to my wits with the idea of being all alone for a whole fucking night. And so, I'm surprised to see, when I opened my eyes in the morning, that I survived it. I'm still alive. *grins stupidly*"

The entire context changes, suddenly. Use the "f" word properly. :P Anyway. Have fun. And yeah, get a fake id. Works, well, most of the time.
Dandelion said…
Arjit: lol...yeah i guess i didnt lok at it it that way! :P :P
shows properly how your mind works though :D :D :D

newys, i think i'l have to get a fake ID now...i so wanna experience dat place!

My mind(s) works that way. At times, you wish, getting a fake id was as easy as creating a fake-Orkutiya account. =))
Dandelion said…
Arjit: ur disheartening me! I WILL get an ID...m a gal after all! ;)
- Sugar Cube - said…
haha so you land up at WTF and that happens AFTER you lots were probably screaming 'wtf' each time you were denied entry ;)

Nice! Sounds fun! I'm gonna check it out in my next trip.

And congrats for overcoming one of your fears ;)
Dandelion said…
na na...we never got entry into WTF....dats y we were screaming WTF WTF...hahahhaa....

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