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Me, the murderer of classics and brands!

I have always been an oddball. I have. And people always took that to be as crazy or weird. And thats why I have the least possible certificates and prizes in my account :[

I had been going through this book I used to maintain when I was in school. I had written in it my favorite texts, poems and some of my own compositions. And then I came across this page - I had attended a kiddies workshop when I was in 7th and had to create verbal advertisements for "Fevicol" and "Pepsodent" and we were given only 15 minutes for preparation. And this is what I do:

Caution: Whoever laughs on my compositions get their keyboards banged with their heads!

Fevicol [sing the tune of "yeh dil, diwana" from the movie Pardes]:

Yeh Dil, diwana
Diwana yeh dil
Diwane ne, mujhko bhi,
Kar dala, diwana
Usne mere dil ko tod, maine fevicol se joda
fir kabhi bhi nahi tuta hai yeh dil
usne dil ko punch hai mara,
isko shatter karna chaha
aur fir haath hi uske tute hai lekin...
diwane ne, fir mujhse maanga mera fevicol
I hit him, kaha kanjus,
its just for 5, get one of your own!

Pepsodent ["bheege hoth tere" from Murder]:

Peele daant tere,
Muh se badbu nikle,
Pepsodent use kar,
tu jaldi se
When you open your mouth,
I feel like gagging it
And when you come near me,
I feel like like vomiting...
Pepsodent use karke...
Your smile will be dashing
Girls will swoon all over you
You'll be all they'll be wanting...
yeah eh ehhhh
Yeah eh ehhhhhhh

P.S.: In my defense, I'll only say I was in 7th. I was a kid! :D
P.P.S.: I didn't win. :P


For a 7th grader, u are damn good!! really surprised u didnt get the prize
Dandelion said…
u guys really like it? W-O-W! :D
Hahahaha... you should have won, seriously :)
The first para of each poem was rhyming ith the songs, doosre ne thodi rhythm bigaad di, but still, even after having over with my school, I cannot rhyme like this. Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete
Dandelion said…
Bornindividualist: hahha..i think i should call for revaluation now! :P

Blasphemous Aesthete: i dont know how i rhymed dem....:P i suck at it too!
Meher S B said…
Trust me, had that been given to me in the 7th grade, I would have done the same. Its awesome. Had I judged it, you would have won. :)
Dandelion said…
Meher, I wish all of you were there wen the prize was given..i fell so sad for myself now :[
Anish Patel said…
so many people commented still same feeling here also... its good for 7th grade n u should have won it but anyways... people liked it n its funny n enjoyable....

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