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And the award goes to...

Today is when my blog turns 1 
*claps claps claps*

I know my blog archive shows I started writing from January 
but I had already made this blog before that 
but I just didn't have any writing material
or maybe I was just a very lazy kinda person.
I am still now.
But that's just not the same as before. 

I remember one not-so-fine January day
when I felt as if I need an escape
someplace where I could dump the feelings 
and emotional overtures I was going through without hurting anyone
or letting anyone know at all.

That was a big thing. Very huge. 
And I was just never the same again.
And that's when Dirty Little Secrets
Mind starts speaking, as was known previously
came to my rescue.
And since then it has always been there.
Waiting for me to approach it whenever I wanted to write
or when I wanted to let out everything I was feeling
or just when I was merely bored.

I haven't shared many personal feelings here
and I don't even think I have it in me.
I find more fascinated by characters more happening and interesting
than me.
I like dreams.
I like fiction.
I like poetries too.
But not having the ability to rhyme that well is a different matter
altogether. :P

I've met many people too.
This journey has been overwhelming.
Felling more close to people I read rather than people I am around most of the time
is a bit weird to wrap your head around
but it gives you the belief that the world is, 
a very small place
even in its diversity.

There are a few people who 
have totally changed my perspective
about life.
Or who have made me laugh.
Or others who have made me feel close to them.
Closer, even, then my best friends.

I can't do much for them but I should say that
I love you and your tiny world that I now feel a part of.
And an award in this situation is just passé.

So here goes,

1] Shreya from Such a Cow

2] Jeweliot/Dipti from Crowded Solitude

3] Ujjwal Raaj from Sour Canvas

4] Kanika from Sensitive Chaos

5] Bollywoodstylediaries from the blog of the same name

*beeeeeeg smile*


Jeweliot said…
adorable!!! happy birthday dirtylittlesecrets!!! ♥ :)))
kanika said…
Thank you thank you! it means a lottttttt coming from you :)
And happy birthday! :D
UjjwalRaaj said…
HOLY SHIIIIT. omg omg....I always told myself I wouldn't cry ....but sniff sniff*....I'd like to thank....sniff....I'm sorry..I just need a moment.....I'd like to thank Dandy, for bestowing such an honor..just that day I was looking at my sidebar..and wondering who would give me my first award...and the internet has been so kind. There are many people I'd like to thank , who've made this possible gaaah I don't know what to do.....sniff...THANK YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BLOG!
Molly said…
Congrats on your first blogiversary! Blogiversaries are VERY birthdays! ;)
Congrats on ur first b'day!! hope to see many more:-)

And thanks for the award!! means a lot!!
Akshay Sharma said…
Hey.. Congratulations Blog.. Have a great year ahead. And as a Blog-Infant, I look up to thee for more.. Cheers..
Akshay Sharma said…
And yeah, Thank you so much to your blogroll which referred me to many more which I kinda religiously following now.. Getting a lot of 'Gyan'.. :)
Disguise said…
Happy first birthday :)
Dandelion said…
Everyone: thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Everyone who thanked me: welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Akshay Sharma: ur now officially a keeper of my dirty secrets...ur sworn to secrecy...:D stay glued =]
Akshay Sharma said…
Stay glued I will do; I swear upon my honor.. (*cuts his palm with his pocket knife and signs in blood.. full filmi ishtyle) :P
Dandelion said…
omg, no no u dont dont hav to do a psychopath on me...:D
i'm happy wid watever really...:P
I'm no bella, i dont hate blodd but i can make do without the drama...hollywood style! rofl
Akshay Sharma said…
Hey chill.. relax.. I didnt really do that.. it was kinda figuratively..
Am too much used to such stuff these days.. think I am watching too much of 18th century Knight flicks..
Dandelion said…
hahahaha...worry not dude...i just wnet rakhi sawant on you..all drama! :D
Akshay Sharma said…
u bet.. u beat her by a big margin. :)
Jeweliot said…
im such a cheapo. i forgot to thank you but uploaded the awardimage on my blog 1st thing!!! lol

thank you darling dandelion! and i know im welcome :D
Anish Patel said…
Belated Happy Birthday....

and no awards for me ... :( ......
Dandelion said…
jeweliot:oh i AM anry :@ but its festive season so ur forgiven (grudgingly..hehe)

anish: long tym dude....n der\ll be more...u may get sum oder awards...:]
skepter93 said…
superb work on the blog..ur blog is extremely awsome......:)m jus new to the blog thing..thanx 4 visitin ma blog...ill keep updatin ma articles and well not to forget jus if u hav any suggestions..u r welcum 2 say them..

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