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Dandelion Diaries

She loves tangled web of emotions and thoughts.
 Even though she likes things to be sorted, 
she loves seeing that her life is complicated, too.
She gets excited by the fact that her life is interesting enough 
to be recapped and sorted.
She accepts that she had a major ego problem in the past.
She does now too. But believe it or not, she's losing some of that now. 
If her everyday rising Facebook friend list is any indication. 
Most of which is due to her sending the friend requests. :]
She's revealed in her previous post 
that she doesn't like surprises or new things. 
But things for her are changing. Slowly. But still, changing.
She's started reading new authors. 
She is now a part of the worlds of Sarah Dessen, 
Maureen Johnson and so many others.
She suggests you to read Sarah Dessen. She insists actually.
Her music list is not just the same old 
Green Day and Rihanna anymore. 
She thanks You Tube 
and her own ability to stay glued to computer 
for countless hours for making her friends with "The Script", 
"Secondhand Serenade", "Duffy" and "Daft Punk".  
She's inviting friends into her tiny little shell. 
And she realized she's liking it. 
Instead of having the option of being alone 
- which she always preferred - 
she now finds herself craving other's company. 
Well, not so much. But still.
She doesn't know how many friends she has exactly now. 
And where exactly they stand in her life. 
And for the first time in life, she doesn't give a damn. 
She's letting the headache get to her. 
She wants to see its breaking point. 
She wants to know how it all unfolds. 
For the first time in her life, she doesn't know the climax. 
And she simply can't stop grinning.
She wants you all to know that she's seen the Harry Potter movie 
and says that the HP-movies furore is born again in her 
after the Half-blood Prince let down.
She shrugs in a so-what kinda way after reading everything she just typed down.
She's tired now. 
She's gonna go scan her refrigerator for some food.
She signs off.

Dandelion: "Ek ticket dena" 
Bus Conductor: "Yep. Where to?"
Dandelion: *Stares at him blankly.*
Bus Conductor: What? Surprised that a Bus Conductor knows English? 
Dandelion: *Shifts guiltily in her seat, gives money and 
determinedly avoids his gaze for the rest of the journey*

She loves life and its complications.


Jeweliot said…
hahaha sexay! english speaking bus conductor, yay.

these people are getting all cool now. rish called a driver for interview, the driver sent him his business card on the phone too! and spoke in english.. and GOOD english. i hope he hired him.. i'd just love it
Thousif Raza said…
nice i liked the freshness in which you wrote it... i loved it... loved the last part :).... welll change is the rule of the universe and if your changing for the better then its always awesome... the feeling is that of real content :)

nice :)

take care and keep writing.........

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