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"Dead" is such an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Guess how pitiful my condition is for the next fortnight!!!
Err, stop giving yourself a brain tumor and scroll down for a visual display...

Yeah, that's a book I'm holding!
After six whole freaking months!

Its day 1.
Brought the books just 2 days ago.
Opened them today [:P]


I'm encountering an APOCALYPSE filhaal...
Have to learn seven fucking subjects in fifteen days...
Three out of which are related to maths and accounts...
which have never (in 14 years of my educational life) failed to give me goosebumps...
in simple words...
get set go for EPIC FAIL!


Makay said…
Oh, gosh... I am praying for you girl.

hmmmmmm.... innovative way of blogging... nice :) combining blog & tweet.. twog is it? :D
- Sugar Cube - said…
lol studying after six months can freak you out big time!
And you've a lot to do in not much time!

All the best !
Dandelion said…
born individualist: twog? hmm, nyc name!

makay, bollywoodstylediaries: thankyou so much.

sugarcube: you have no idea about the dilemma m in...just hope i get outta it all fine..thanx for wishes.i'l nedd all the luck in the world!

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