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:: Unfinished Story ::

:: unspoken words :: unregistered thoughts :: uncertain promises :: unaltered love :: unexpected visit from an unforgettable friend :: unvisited dreams :: unreasonable sorrow :: unintentional fights :: unheard apologies :: unhelpful musings of an unoccupied mind :: unidentified music :: uncontained smile :: unruffled pages of an unopened book :: ungoverned joy :: unlucky time :: unresolved conflicts :: unpleasant memories punctuated with uncovered tears :: unnoticed gloom :: unconnected snippets :: unadventurous being :: unblemished separations :: unheard goodbyes:: unachievable goals :: unanswered questions :: unquestioned answers :: unceasing wait for an undeserved friend :: unaccompanied loner :: unobserved distance :: unbearable sweetness :: unplugged happiness :: unjust loyalty :: unconscious decisions :: undeniable results :: unclogged visions of an unwell past :: unstoppable pain :: unshared happiness :: undrinkable wisdom :: unruly outbursts of uncivilized emotions :: unhidden feelings :: unwanted life :: un-understandable desire :: unforgettable time :: unbearable silence :: unfinished stories :: unconcerned me ::


Saumya said…
un-forgettable piece of yours....mind boggling....good work!
...Jitsy... said…
@saumya...thnx :)
Pri said…
beautifully summed in fragments!!
Mukesh said…
Nice post !
...Jitsy... said…
@pri, @mukesh :thnkyou so much guys :)
Interesting collection! :)

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