Saturday, April 3, 2010

In Venus’s dynasty...

They say it’s a man’s world.

Man’s world? Really?

Infact, I think it has gradually turned into a women’s world. Everywhere you go, every news you see, girls are at the focal point. They’re at the core of all attention. Moreover, the core of all problems too.

I’m a girl. However, I just can’t help noticing that guys have taken a backseat in EVERYTHING. May it be in a parliament or a small family? Women are the rulers now. And I know that I should feel happy about it but try as much as I do I just can’t bring myself to feel joyous about this situation at all. In fact, it feels as if I’m watching this very famous K-serial where a vamp (women in this case) plans every move in detail to get the desired throne and voila! Do you even see any guy around anymore? Instead of progress, it feels more like a con game to me.

Maybe I’m just paranoid or I’m getting so cynical about everything these days that it has just given my point of view a 180 degree turn or maybe it’s just an after effect of studying too much. Or it may be because of the incident that happened when I was travelling by the bus recently where an elderly man was shouted at and humiliated in front of all the people for sitting on a seat reserved for women and asked the lady to sit someplace else coz he’s got a knee problem!

Yeah! That’s what pisses me off the most. First of all, women have already been provided with 25% seats in BEST buses. No one says anything if they sit in seats other than which is reserved for them but if a man commits this heinous crime of even taking a step towards that “for ladies” seat, he’s dead! Second it with the fact that women are still not satisfied with this arrangement and are demanding a 50-50 seating arrangement. Yeah, I can totally see the justice in that. NOT.

Then there’s this matter about the women’s bill that has been the focus of current discussion. Don’t even get me started about that or you’ll end up dozing off on your desks itself.

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And just take a simple matter of a husband coming home late from work or forgetting his wife’s birthday. What follows next is formidable for me to speak about. Only hint I can give is that either the husband will be seen with a few bandages adorning his body or he’ll be starving to death in the coming days whereas if a girl forgets her boyfriend’s or husband’s birthday, it’s still the guy’s responsibility to remind her and empty his pockets by treating her lavishly for the forgetfulness. Girls, in this case, are considered cute.

If a guy slaps a girl, he’s insensitive. If a girl slaps a boy, he’s still insensitive. If a guy is possessive about his girl, he’s over reacting and smothering her freedom. But if a girl is possessive, she’s totally in love with him and cares for him and the guy should respect that fact instead of demanding freedom.

I know it’s the guys’ faults too and I’m making a fool of myself here by insulting girls but as of now my psychology has reversed completely. So why not enjoy this contradiction and irony until it lasts and have a good laugh about whatever this is in the later life when we’re all old and over-mature?


MangoMan/Bunty said...

woah woah woah!!!

now dats some toast!! loved it coming from venus!

women rule yaar. what more to say when women feature in ads of products for men like razors and after shaves but not vice-versa!

Jitika Jain said...

yeah...seems like i made my point pretty clear....:D.....enjoy martians, enjoy this post....:P