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I weigh 70 kgs. i resemble more of a baby elephant than a 18 yr-old teenager.
What's more?
I don't give a damn.

But i guess my parents do. They won't let a single day pass without yelling their heads off at me to STOP IT.

Come on, how am i supposed to *stop it* anyways?
I mean, what do you expect me to do when there's the tempting perfume of "French fries" wafting into my system on one side and sweat-breaking, irritating and mind-boggling dumbbells and treadmills on the other?


I see people look at me and smirk. Some look at me with pitiful eyes as if being fat is the worst that could happen to me. Some just stare at me with disgust and stalk away immediately as if i'm some kind of a plague and i would affect them too if they're in close proximity with me. 
WTF, dude.
Even mere acquaintances don't bother keeping their opinions to themselves and they find it of utmost importance and their personal duty to enlighten me (taunt, more like) about my body everytime we meet.

Do i get angry? Do i feel humiliated? Do i feel insecure? Am i overpowered with a strong urge to do something that would shut their mouths forever?

Hell yeah.
But at that precise moment of "anger" and "thirst to prove everyone wrong", someone brings pavbhaji in front of my nose and all thoughts of determination is flushed down the drain.

I'm an *eatoholic* (if that's even a word) and i'm not embarrassed about that. So people, please stop barking down my head about how much of an ungrateful, forever hogging jerk i am, coz, when i'm actually thinking and preparing to *decide*, "food" always wins all arguments.
So in the end of the day, it has and will always be between pasta and sizzlers. it was never between thin and fat anyways. ;)


Anish Patel said…
Well.... It's definitely Individual's choice of what to do with their body....
but also we need to face the reality, fat people, especially younger fat people have less acceptance n that's why your parents reminding u everyday becoz they care.. about others, don't give a damn n u r doing that already...
Personally I too like to be fit n thin.. but ya, I don't give comments to others.....
Think like that, you definitely don't want to watch bulky south Indian hero against fit bollywood hero....
Jitika Jain said…
ofcourse i dont...but i like myself and shouldnt that be reason enough for all of them to shut up - my happiness?...whats the use of making me feel all miserable about myself when im happy the way i am?,,,u get my point?
MangoMan/Bunty said…
The line that followed "Hell yeah" was the ultimate!

Daane daane pe likha hai khaane waale ka naam. So dont bother thinking too much before thinking. If you refuse a certain french fry, it will come back to you in some or the other way. So pick the easier way out!
Jitika Jain said…
easier? the last line n ul know wich way iv chosen..n ders still so much too think about..:P
Lincoln said…
way to go girl, live like u want to live

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