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Smiley memories◕‿◕


>>You look at some people – content with their lives, happy, bother-free – and you smile.◕‿◕

>>You look at comedians, or read jokes or watch comedy and your lips curve automatically into a smile.◕‿◕

>>Some people have it as a default expression. You see them and they’re forever smiling. No worries at all, smile and make others smile. Those smiles are so full of positive vibes that your mouth automatically returns an effortless smile in response.◕‿◕

>>You give a sweet or a new game to your younger brother and he’s so happy he can’t contain he’s enthusiasm and excitement at all and he’s running all around the place with bright, happy eyes. You look at him and feel his excitement and enthusiasm too and a reminder of your childhood flashes by, and you smile.◕‿◕

>>You look at a couple looking into each other’s eyes with so much intensity and love; you feel that their gaze will make you go blind. But you still can’t look away coz you want to feel that love too, even though for a minute, you want to forget your misery and pain and you want to feel love; everlasting, beautiful, strong love. This thought makes you realize that there is still optimism and love left in you. You feel so light-hearted and lively that it automatically makes you smile.◕‿◕

>>you look at your sister; her head scrunched up in concentration over a mystery being unveiled in a daily soap. You ask her to chill and stop giving herself a brain tumor and her irritated expression on being disturbed and concentration and expression makes you feel so amused that you smile and more often, end up laughing.◕‿◕

>>you look at your parents fighting with each other, shouting their heads off about the silly negligence and mistakes on each of their parts. Dad’s shouting about how mum wants a new sari every other week, mum shouts about how dad doesn’t buy her anything, dad shouts about how mum only watches her wannabe K-serials, mum shouts about how she’s fed up of dad watching cricket and the fight goes on. You are so irritated that you go to your room and concentrate on not concentrating on their yells. You go back downstairs after an hour and you see that they’ve already made it up to each other and dad’s sleeping on mum’s lap and she’s ruffling his hair with love and affection. You warmth of that moment is so gooey yet so intense, you can’t help smiling.◕‿◕

>>you're sitting in a bus thinking about every possible thing. suddenly a memory of you and you friends rain dancing with a waterpipe flashes through your mind and you just can't help smiling.◕‿◕

>>your teacher is dissing you in front of the whole class and your friends are laughing silently at the free entertainment. Their free, childish and carefree laughter is so infectious that you yourself end up laughing; only that in this case it ends up ruining your case.◕‿◕

>>your crush notices you for the very first time in months. Even though it is just because you both are exam partners and he’s asking for a pen, you can’t help feeling your legs turn to jelly and your head dizzying up and your face heating up into a totally pronounced blush. And he looks at you and gives a “maybe she’s always this crazy” smile, and you know he thinks you’re insane but still you can’t help smiling back.◕‿◕

Wish these smiles could stay with us forever ◕‿◕


MangoMan/Bunty said…

especially at the last one...congrats! a nice smiley read (:
Jitika Jain said…
thankyou....gud to know dis made you more added to the list above...◕‿◕
Shanu said… made me smile..Cute smiley post :o)
...Jitsy... said…
added this to the list above..thnx...

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