Sunday, March 21, 2010

I dream..

I dream of me
Free from myself,
From irony, from paradox
And all other nonsense.
I dream of me
As a naked soul
In search of
That tiny bit of truth residing in me
Still lost somewhere.
I dream of me
Flying high in the sky
Up above the trivial things in life
In my own happy world of freedom,
No wonder, these dreams don’t come true
And whenever I think of them,
Oh my! They just make me sigh.
I dream of you
Calling my name
With warmth and affection and love
It makes me go paranoid
Coz I know it’s a dream,
This is as true as it can get.
I dream of us
Discovering ourselves
And our innermost beauty
That we had hidden so well
I dream, I dream, I dream,
However, the dream fades away
By the blink of the eye.
And the second I open my eyes
And face reality
It slashes my heart in two.
And now I wanna go back to dreaming
And relishing its beauty
Of impossibility and imagination
But there remains this inadequacy
And nothing can be done now,
So I just have this little request:
Oh dream! Just come true already!


MangoMan/Bunty said...

Lord! That's exquisite! You said you cant try your hand out at poetry!!

An awesome sketch of your turmoil! Loved it!

The lines with impossibility, imagination and inadequacy are par excellence!

Jitika Jain said...

arre it was jus dis para i wrote juisko i transfered in poetry form...wen u read it properly ul c dat ders no rhyme in it at al...but its gud u lykd it...
n its evryone turmoil...its jus dat evryone else wants to be heard,loved n card for in difrnt ways dan me...:)

Molly said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! =) I really like poetry, and I love this! Keep up the good work! I like your blog background by the way... :)

...Jitsy... said...

thanx molly..ur stuff is so simple but dey leave dis huge impact on me n m left thinkin about dem at nite b4 sleepin....
n abt dis background, i was in mood 4 colors..;)