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Its 11.45 and I had just reached home. As I was trying to change into my pajamas and go to sleep without waking up my parents, I tripped over my little brother who wakes up and starts crying, wailing more like. It’s so like me to screw already screwed up things for myself and end up in deep s**t. Hurriedly, I hid myself beneath the many layers of my bed sheet and prayed fruitlessly for my heartbeat, which was thumping loudly, to go back to its normal pace. Feigning sleep as my dad came to check on me, I thought back at how memorable that day of Holi had been……
Our society people had organized a Holi party consisting of DJ and rain dance much to the excitement of us girls, who were not otherwise allowed to go out and celebrate this day for the fear that “eve- teasers” are on their all-time high.

Was it the colors or the DJ or the (recreational) rain or the dancing, I don’t really know. Maybe it was a mixture of all of it, but this has been the most fantastic Holi-party ever. We ended up celebrating until after noon and only when the sun had become unbearably hot and was messing with our already chemically-affected skin did we actually decide to back home.

But the fun didn’t end here. It was also our cutest friend, Shikha’s birthday that day and we made sure it was the most memorable birthday she ever celebrated. Due to the fact that we were running out of funds for birthday gifts, we decided that hand-made gifts are most appreciated by everyone and made her a movie. A MOVIE from all her pics and of course, the most common, a birthday card.
Our bad luck that it was Holi and top it up with the fact that we didn’t even make a reservation in any restaurant, we ended up making more bill out of our taxi fare than we did on our food. The crowd outside every restaurant was so much; you’d say they had all just declared that they’re distributing free food! Not unexpected that we had to wait one hour to get ourselves a table. Hungry, crabby, bored and tired, we didn’t even dare talk knowing that even the slightest of things will set us off and world war 3 will commence then and there.

Just then a cake from 210 came to our rescue on the back seat of Monal’s Activa. Trust me, if it hadn’t been for the cake, we would have all just died due to the famine-like condition we were in.
To hell with etiquette and sophistication, we thought and buried ourselves in the cake sitting on the Activa right there on the street in front of the restaurant we were waiting outside. Monal’s Activa had suffered a lot of damage and was in dire need of a good wash once our cake was over. Finally, when all our growling stomachs were temporarily fed, cheerfulness made its way back into our little gang again and we resorted to the only thing that we do…. always. PHOTOSESSION.
We finish with our dinner by 11.15 and I’m feeling all panicky coz I was already past my curfew time and even though it’s the first time I’ve broken my curfew, I was sure to get grounded owing to the fact that
a.It was Holi
b.I had not asked for permission but merely mentioned it to my father and had run out of the room before he could even open his mouth and
c.I’m not sure whether my voice was audible enough when I asked my dad for permission (mentioned that I’m going i.e.) for dinner.
Oh boy, I’m so frickin dead!
But the cabbie was so helpful, trust me! He was driving his cab at 120 SPEED and he had broken all the signals (not that anyone follows signals at 11 in the night, but still) even wished me luck when I got out of the cab. So nice of him.
I thought I still had a chance to ditch punishment if I got home before dad; he mostly goes for a late-night walk and comes back by 12. But it was just my luck that not only did he have to be there when I got home but also my sister had to start acting that she was asleep and that I had woken her up and that she’ll go and complain dad that I had come late if I didn’t give her a Rs. 50 note. I know. All sisters are the same.
But in the end, dad comes out and takes my younger brother into his room and (thank god for that) falls asleep.
Wow, all in all, a pretty eventful day, eh?


MangoMan/Bunty said…

1. the father and the late night walk.
2. the sister and the corruption.
3. the brother and the "tripping" as if he's a football strewn around!

the cake pic did speak volumes oh how famished you were!

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