Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Done it all

Done living, done loving,
Done moping, done vowing,
Done with expecting too much from him,
Done waiting for a close meeting with bliss,
Done with seeing you ruin me this way,
Done with not saying what i need to say,
Done with letting myself be soaked with despair,
Done with trying to always be right and fair,
Done with reminding you that i'm still alive,
Done with thinking of you with bloodshot eyes,
Done with being tagged as nerd and weird,
Done with wanitng to be seen or heard,
Done with dreaming impossible dreams,
Done with not looking at truth the way it seems,
Done with stupid crushes and tons of fights,
Done with trying not to take sides,
Done with expecting more outta life,
Done with saying repeated goodbyes,
Done with letting this silence pierce me,
Done with pretending but not being me.

1 comment:

MangoMan/Bunty said...


speaks a lot about the unspoken backdrop!

thou, milady, art mastering da art!