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Valentine's Day

It’s just going bad to worse every fucking year.
VALENTINE’S DAY… one reason people give for all the below mentioned stupidity:

INTIMACY IN PUBLIC…. Dude, you wanna book a room in a hotel? Coz we’re so not interested in seeing the way you embrace each other. Your kissing expertise may be commendable but no one’s distributing prizes for “the best kiss” or “the best embrace” and stuff… so please!!!! us the embarrassment and find someplace private!!!

PROPOSALS…. Dunno why people think that proposing on Valentine’s day will help them land a partner. Especially boys, how can they think that proposing a gal on v’day would keep her from slapping you on your face… surely there’s no rule saying you can’t slap some wannabe on that day….and why people wait for v’day to propose someone, is a big mystery to me… suppose a guy falls in love on 15th feb; will he wait for a whole year until v’day to propose that gal???? Poor gal … supposing she likes that guy too? I wouldn’t blame her if she decides to have a life instead of waiting for the coward to pluck up the courage to go and approach her... a tip: valentine’s day is yet to come guys… but instead of waiting in a long queue to propose a gal, why don’t you propose her now and act the stud on that day by shooing the other losers away who are still hopeful? Mark my words, your gal’s gonna be very impressed!

GIFT MANIA…. Poor guys! This is one day which gets very hard on their pockets. Gals r bitches too… they’ll keep hinting the guy about the very expensive gifts he should buy her…gals, I hate to break your bubble but you’re living in a misconception or you’re merely stupid (your pick) if you think that guys’ve got some money-making machine installed at their homes… and guys, if you’re not serious about the gal, take my tip – break up with her before she burns your pocket to cinders.

PINK, RED, PURPLE…YUCK!!!..... what’s with these girly colors anyway?... even guys celebrate this day, right? So where’re the guy colors? Why so much injustice? All you see in shops is a jungle of pinks, reds and purples. Everywhere you go, every turn you take, there’s just no escaping the claustrophobia creeping into your system. Singles have to think twice before entering any gift shop for the fear of planting a wrong impression if someone sees you holding a gift bag. What injustice for us Aquarians! Our choices are only limited to choosing from big, furry teady bears with “sweetheart” engraved all over them or big heart-shaped b’day cards which embarrass you to death by singing love ballads as soon as you’ve opened them. I pity us. Especially all those singles who, unfortunately have their b’days on v’days.

GOOEY LOVE TALKS…. Um, guys…you do understand that v’day lasts for just one day, don’t you? And when you wake up next morning, you’re gonna realize that the hypnotic effect that the gifts and embraces had on you is over, that the spell has been lifted. Then why so many confessions and declarations? “I’ll love you forever, my love” and “our love is the only thing that keeps me going”. YUCK!!!... I feel pukey, already.

I’ve got just one thing to say to you loser..oh,sorry…um….lovers. Yeah lovers!
Thank god it’s Sunday this valentines’. Don’t think I could have tolerated any more of this love a.k.a. stupidity ツ


Anish Patel said…
very sarcastic but fun to read....
Ishan said…
sour grapes !! sour grapes..:)
Jitika Jain said…
not sour grapes!!!
truth revealed..
love it, hate it...
either ways...thins dont change...:)
Ishan said…
ok fighter ok..:)
MangoMan/Bunty said…
lol!!!!! marketing gimmick indeed!

full support! respect! \m/

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