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Your life! Your choice!

Its always about making choices.
Its always about making the bad choices.
Good? Not that much!
Coz its the bad ones which are gonna make you stronger than you are. Even a bit smarter.
Coz its the bad ones which will make your rewind worth reliving.
Coz its the bad ones which will make you meet the best people of your lives.
Coz its the bad ones which will, sometimes, make you fall in love. And if you're lucky enough, fall outta it!
Coz its the bad ones which will define the fun times of your life.
And coz its the bad ones which is gonna twist your mouth into an upward curve which you'll very desperately need when your old, shattered and lonely!
Its always about making the bad ones!


fizzleh said…
Thanks, I needed this today, right now. Perfect timing. :)
Crazy Diamond said…
and these bad choices turn out to be good in the end ! :)
Yeah, bad choices probably do turn-out to be more defining in life, but only if we learn from it :D
(Sorry, just wrote a preachy post myself few hrs back... still in 'preaching mode')
pri said…
now this is what i would call a feel-good post! ;)

on a serious note, dont u think its better to learn from the bad choices people make around you and try not to do them all yourself? just saying...
Dandelion said…
fizzleh: i know, m super!!! lol

standbymind: it is! though many disagree!

crazy diamond: yeah, but only if v see them optimistically!!! otherwise, u'l end up cursing yourself for ever making those choices, no?
Dandelion said…
born individualist: couldn't agree more!

pri: u can learn from others experience and practice caution ofcourse!!!
but what about living life?
isn't our life supposed to be first hand?
y be satisfied with second hand experiences wen u can live them, enjoy the, learn from them?
wat u say?
Anish Patel said…
Very True... 100% agree with you... you know 1 of the reason I decided to change job into Mumbai is that according to me it's wrost city to live and Life will be peaceful in any city after that... and now.. I m in USA only because of this company... :) .....
worst ones will make you stronger....
Dandelion said…
anish, see...bad choices r the best ones!
US man!!!! remember 25% of me?
ur living my 25th dream..enjoy guy!!
hav a lotta fun...!!!

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